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The Pulpmx Show showed by BTOSports.com and Fly Hustling comes in today around night time with have Steve Matthes welcoming Kris Keefer from Earth Rider Magazine and what’s more Michelin Tire’s Randy Richardson in-studio. With the San Diego SX just happening and what’s more the dispatch of the StarCross 5, there’s abundance to talk about on this present night’s show.

Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey rode an awesome race to win San Diego. He had Chad Reed on him all main event and held it strong the whole way to deal with take his at first win and the red plate. We’ll have Dungey on to talk about his race, his pre-season prep, and the Wheaties box.

An early season amaze has been Group Tedder/Beast Vitality Kawasaki’s, Jake Weimer. The # 12 has been strong ideal on time in this season and in San Diego he charged from eleventh to eighth toward the wrap up. Weimer’s a show most cherished and we’ll have him on to talk about the start of the season and what it takes after being Pulpmx.com’s principle rider.

GEICO Honda’s Jordon Smith drove the 250SX essential for a bit and ended up third for his at first calling stage. The # 39 Honda rider is on a stacked gathering and we’ll examine his rides out there to start the season and how he’s at present a fantasy football ace.

2002 125SX West Drift Champion Travis Preston will be in-studio all show to talk about what he’s seen this far into the season, insights on San Diego, his action at Yamaha and paying little respect to whether in spite of all that he banters with Bunny the Jackass.

Clearly, Fly Dashing’s own specific Jason Thomas will oblige us tonight to talk all things moto and moreover apparently waffle on something.

Got a request for the show? Tweet @pulpmxshow and our individual Tallon will do his best to get it answered on the BTOSports.com Tweet at Tits piece.

We’ll furthermore answer the N-Fab Inquiry of the Day and read off some Race Tech messages. Our hosts will be under the weapon with the EKS Brand goggles Detach section. The Rigging Compound Cool Call is always fun in like manner, isn’t that so?

What you’ll have to do is sign in to Pulpmxshow.com at 6 PM PST/9PM EST and we’ll be spouting live and encouraging a discussion room. As anyone might expect, you can acquire at whatever point in the midst of the show to speak with the guest or the hosts at 702-586-Mash (7857 ).

You can listen live on your wireless with the Tune In Application by means of looking Pulpmx Show and listen live on the Pulpmx Application as well.

You can tune in to the show the next day on Stitcher.com and the Pulpmx Application on your mobile phone or iTunes for download. It will in like manner be available the next day on Pulpmxshow.com.

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