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Rockstar Vitality Hustling is doing the change to manufacturing plant Husqvarnas in 2015. The group went through a year ago with KTM and guaranteed their first supercross title with Jason Anderson’s 250SX West Area run. Today the group made it official: Anderson will return and move to the 450- – his first years on the enormous bicycle.

The group likewise reported they have marked Martin Davalos, who went through a year ago with Beast Vitality/Master Circuit Kawasaki. Davalos beforehand rode under the Rockstar Vitality Hustling program back when the group was on Suzuki. The group additionally reported they have marked previous GEICO Honda colleagues Zach Osborne and Zach Chime.

Underneath the official group proclamation.

Since the May 2014 declaration of Husqvarna’s arrival to AMA Genius Dashing, the recently framed Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Production line Hustling Group has been caught up with absorbing a full program of riders to contend in the up and coming to 2015 AMA Supercross and Expert Motocross Titles. Husqvarna is currently glad to report that Martin Davalos, Zach Ringer, and Zach Osborne have joined ruling 250 West Supercross Champion Jason Anderson on the Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Processing plant Hustling Group.

” We are eager to restore this notable brand to the most astounding phase of cruiser dashing,” said Husqvarna Bikes North America President, Jon-Erik Burleson. “2014 250 West Supercross Champion Jason Anderson was an incredible begin, and we now have a full group of riders for the up and coming season, each of whom is equipped for wins and titles. In the event that you are one of those many fans that cherished Husqvarna once upon a time, this will be that exceptional year we have all been sitting tight for.”

Since the begin of its new age, Husqvarna Cruisers has commended accomplishment in many real national titles, yet the brand’s arrival to AMA Supercross and Ace Motocross remains a noteworthy activity of the organization around the world.

” One of the biggest and most vital parts of Husqvarna dashing history was composed in the U.S.,” said Head of Husqvarna Motorsport, Robert Jonas. “Right up ’til the present time, the Husqvarna mark has a critical association with an expansive number of fans in America. We trust it is completely fundamental for a brand with such history to come back to hustling at this level. The declaration of the Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Industrial facility Dashing Group and its exceptional line of riders connote the begin of Husqvarna’s most up to date section of U.S. motocross and Supercross dashing – one we are to a great degree amped up for.”

Husqvarna’s arrival to the tallness of ace hustling, and the development of the new group is likewise a pivotal event for the team at Rockstar Vitality, as title supporters of Husqvarna’s processing plant Supercross and Star Motocross endeavors.

” I represent every one of us at Rockstar Caffeinated Drink when I say that we are excited to be a piece of the arrival of such an amazing brand like Husqvarna,” said James Hanson, Motocross Administrator for Rockstar Caffeinated Drink. “I really trust this is something fanatics of any age can get amped up for. From adolescents who admire Jason Anderson, the distance to the individuals who experienced childhood in the time of riders like Torsten Hallman.”

Dave Gowland and Bobby Hewitt of the Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Industrial facility Dashing Group built the list of racers that will speak to Imposing in 2015. They are both anxiously envisioning the up and coming season, and offer in the notable conclusion of Husqvarna’s arrival to AMA Professional Hustling.

” Today starts another section here at Rockstar Vitality Hustling and Husqvarna Cruisers,” said Group President Bobby Hewitt. “We completely comprehend the legacy of this notable brand and are amped up for this open door that has been depended to us. We have the best group of riders, mechanics, and staff. I truly anticipate the up and coming season and to getting Husqvarna over the crate once more.”

” The group has been given a stage of help that, to be completely forthright, is a bit of overpowering,” said Group Director Dave Gowland. “Having an extraordinary support like Rockstar Caffeinated Drink and now Husqvarna Industrial facility Dashing, furnishes the group with all the fundamental parts it needs to keep on winning titles. We are at long last in an extraordinary place that we can call home.”

THE Group

Jason Anderson # 17.

250 West Supercross Champion!

With a stellar 2014 season added to his repertoire, New Mexico local Jason Anderson is anticipating making the move to the chief 450 class in 2015. Anderson will challenge the AMA Supercross Title and the AMA Professional Motocross Title on board a FC 450. Search for a few firecrackers from number 17 of every 2015!

” It’s awesome to be a piece of taking the Husqvarna mark back to Supercross,” Anderson said. “I’m eager to make my presentation in the 450 class on a Husqvarna. We have an incredible program set up and we know we have the ability to win titles.”.

Zach Osborne # 16.

Zach Osborne has spent quite a bit of his Ace vocation contending abroad, with an English National Title and 14 World Motocross GP platform surprisingly. Osborne is no more bizarre to the AMA Genius Dashing positions, and is anticipating trying in 2015, where he will ride a FC 250 in Supercross and Motocross. Osborne will likewise be indeed speaking to the U.S. in the ISDE, and will challenge the forthcoming 2014 Six Days on board a Husqvarna.

” I’m eager to be a piece of the rejuvenation of the Husqvarna mark,” Osborne said. “I know we have strong hardware and the essential assets to win titles, so it settled on my choice to join the group basic and simple.”.

Martin Davalos # 47.

With nine professional seasons now added to his repertoire, Martin Davalos is additionally an understudy of Rockstar Vitality Hustling, and is eager to make an arrival to his old group. “I am extremely eager to be a piece of Rockstar Vitality Hustling once more,” remarked Davalos. “The objective during the current year is to bring home the title for my family and the Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Industrial facility Group. I trust I am in the most ideal spot to accomplish this fantasy of mine with the colossal help of the team at RER. I’m an anticipating the difficulties and accomplishments of the 2015 season.”.

Davalos will race the AMA Supercross season in the 250 class, and will make the progression up to the head class in the outside, dashing a FC 450 in the chief class of the AMA Ace Motocross Title.

Zach Ringer # 44.

Youthful up-and-comer Zach Ringer is the last individual from the four-man Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Production line Hustling Group. After an incredibly effective beginner vocation, having caught 89 novice motocross titles, the 19-year-old is going into his third year as a Genius. Chime and is anticipating going up against the 250 positions in both Supercross and Motocross.

” This is an incredible open door for me,” Ringer said. “I’m extremely eager to be a piece of this new group and this critical section in Husqvarna’s history. It’s an extraordinary group and I am anticipating winning a few races on the FC 250.”.

THE Patrons.

Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Industrial facility Hustling is glad to have the help of its backers: Rockstar Caffeinated Drink, Bel-Beam, Fly Dashing, FMF Hustling, Airoh Head protectors, Skyline Pastime, Genius Decrease, Rockwell, Winged serpent, GoPro, Dunlop, Galfer, Mechanix Wear, Gaerne, RK, Exceed expectations, Lattice, Hinson, WP Plant Administrations, Claw, Dubya, Neken and DT-1 Channels.