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In collaboration with the James Stewart AMA Spring Championship, Freestone Raceway will highlight the 2015 AMA Womens Motocross Cup (WMXC) from March 16-21. This new date puts the AMA Womens Cup before the business not at all like some other time in its history.

Cooperating with the Freestone Spring Championship furnishes the business OEM’s with trackside bolster a chance to supply each rider with the absolute best care and consideration. “We are happy to at last have a place that gives the young ladies and ladies racers the help they have merited” said Tom Shields, Marketing Manager for the WMXC. “We had battled with a strong date however once we saw that the OEM’s upheld this move, it was the consistent advance to take. Giving novice female racers this many classes is the best way to help make a solid Womens Pro class conceivable later on.”

“I am cheerful to keep this going” said Tony Miller, proprietor of Freestone Raceway. “I have a fantastic little girl that affections riding and she is just six years of age now. I need her to have a comment forward to and on the off chance that I can help, this is one of the approaches to make that a reality. We facilitated the Womens Pro race each year amid the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship from 2008 until 2012. Some of our best races included Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson and we absolutely might want to push it forward by and by.”

In 2015, the James Stewart AMA Spring Championship includes the Womens MX Cup alongside the WMX Championship at Freestone Raceway with 42 classes that incorporates four Girls/Womens titles. The Womens MX Cup will have a sum of ten (10) classes beginning with 51cc the distance to a Womens Vet class.

For more data, stay tuned to www.WomensMXCup.com or tail us via web-based networking media @womensmxcup.