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Mayday, mayday! Group USA’s expectations are currently on red alarm after Jeremy Martin went down hard amid this MX2 qualifier race. He got move down and finished a couple of moderate laps toward the finish of the race, yet his 33rd place will be tossed out. On the off chance that Eli Tomac logs a decent keep running in the Open race, the group could in any case have great entryway picks tomorrow, yet the genuine inquiry is if J Mart’s knee/lower leg/foot is alright. He was down and limping for a couple of minutes before getting back on the bicycle.

We now here Martin had a harmed toe. We’ll continue registering with check whether he will be alright for tomorrow.

That is the astonishing news. Not shocking, Italy’s Antonio Cairoli rolled the MX2 riders on his KTM 250 SX-F, originating from around tenth to pass Dutchman Glen Coldenhoff to take the win. Great job by The Hoff to hang on for second. Likewise, Switzerland’s Jeremy Seewer was amazing, driving a couple of laps early.

Here are the outcomes: