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This race is sufficiently erratic, and now it’s turning rapidly on the most flighty piece of any race: begins.

Basically, France’s Steven Frossard did what he expected to do by holeshotting this second moto, and after that running solid to second in the race behind Belgium’s Kevin Strijbos. Group USA has Eli Tomac in the Open division, yet he went head to head with David Philipaerts of Italy off the line and began path back. He logged a strong charge however could just next 6th. Joined with Strijbos’ win and Frossard’s second, and that is a major misfortune for the American group. Jeremy Martin got thirteenth, so likely his score from this moto will be utilized as Team USA’s disposable.

Begins likewise helped group Great Britain, as Tommy Searle holeshot the race on his 250F and completed a strong fourth, directly behind his colleague Dean Wilson. With that consistency, Team GB is right in the chase. Likewise credit to the next Belgian, Lieber, who was eleventh in this one (superior to his fifteenth in moto one) and Dylan Ferrandis of France, who coordinated his ninth from before. Take that all in the account, and the standings resemble this:

Scores WITHOUT a disposable: France 21 GB 28 Belgium 31 USA 32.

WITH a disposable: France 12 GB 15 Belgium 16 USA 19

Here are the outcomes from moto two.