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Leading we’ve cover the St. Louis supercross mayhem with independent journalist Dave Deringer. Twofold D will register with give us his firsthand record of the St. Louis supercross occasion including his impressions of the track, the hustling, the title and the hindrances that took out 2 of the games best racers.

Next up we have Nick Wey with his record of the end of the week after his season best of fourth place. Scratch may break some news to us about a potential change in his riding gets ready for the last 3 rounds, however you’ll need to tune in to perceive what happens. Most likely we haven’t seen the best of Nick and the Ti Lube Babbitts Kawasaki in the Top5 yet, and we’ll see what Nick needs to say in regards to the following 3 rounds.

At long last we have Troy Lee Design’s Wil Hahn to discuss his stellar keep running at the West drift lites focuses. Wil was flying route under most people groups radar when the season began, however he’s turned out to be figured with on the West. Wil is at present sitting in third generally in the focuses and only a thin 7 focuses down from second place Canard. They’re returning to dashing this end of the week in Seattle and we’ll ask Wil what’s he’s been doing, who he’s riding with, and what his designs are after the SX arrangement closes.

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