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Report | Supercross Race (Round 8 – Atlanta)

As the 2011 AMA Supercross arrangement advances east, the races end up plainly more tightly. The leads move toward becoming smaller. The pushes toward the front more audacious and combative. Which makes these mid-season races all the all the more energizing to watch! Saturday’s headliner in the Georgia Dome was a devour for the eyes-idealize conditions, a great track, the standard cluster of beautiful dirtbike attire and sparkly motocross protective caps, and warmed dashing that endured throughout the night with an inconceivable completion. With everything taken into account an extraordinary night for the Moster Energy/Kawasaki Team, as youthful Dean Wilson caught his first Lites title of the season at a young hour in the night, and Ryan Villopoto ran his sharpest race of the year to bring home the headliner in Atlanta.

However, posting the champs does not about recount the story-this headliner had everything! It’s continually going to be a display when the greater part of the best folks appear, as well as do some of their best dashing. Which is precisely what unfolded, leaving the enormous jam close by remaining in thankfulness long after RV2 took the pyro-charged end goal and crept slightly farther ahead in the general standings.

The door dropped and it looked like James Stewart was on a mission, taking the holeshot and demonstrating the well known speed that had most reasoning about a wire-to-wire control. Chad Reed appeared to be diversion, keeping with Bubba through a great part of the race, endeavoring to discover his spots to surpass Stewart. Villopoto kept a shrewd and smooth pace. sinking into third and sitting tight in the wings for an oppurtunity. Stewart would commit an error and Reed would exploit, leading the pack and keeping it for most of the 20 lap occasion. In any case, Stewart stayed like a shadow, keeping the weight on the Aussie until the point when a possible tangle left both on the ground, scrambling to get once more into the race. Villopoto, the notorious “snake in the grass”, jumped on this brilliant oppurtunity, surging past both of the fallen riders and cruising to another gigantic win! Stewart and Reed would both get go down and riding, as well as would proceed with the chippy, hardcore dashing that would again make them forfeit their position. This time, after a nearby rub and a bobble, the two were passed by Ryan Dungey who took his fourth sprinter up complete of the season. Reed would in the long run outdo Stewart on this night, completing in third and on the platform by and by and leaving Bubba to a hard-fortunes fourth. A genuinely exceptional complete to an extraordinary race-exactly what we’ve generally expected each week here in Supercross!

One week from now, the arrangement goes to the sacrosanct race town of Daytona, and i’m sure we can expect another magnificent exertion from the world’s ideal. Be that as it may, before they tie on the dirtbike apparatus and hit the whoops once more, we should audit the most recent focuses standings:

Supercross Results

1. Ryan Villopoto KAW

2. Ryan Dungey SUZ

3. Chad Reed HON

4. James Stewart YAM

5. Trey Canard HON

6. Andrew Short KTM

7. Justin Brayton YAM

8. Kevin Windham HON

9. Ivan Tedesco KAW

10. Brett Metcalfe SUZ

11. Davi Millsaps YAM

12. Nick Wey YAM

13. Kyle Regal YAM

14. Chris Blose KAW

15. Tye Simmonds KTM

16. Matt Boni KAW

17. F Izoird KAW

18. M Alessi KAW

19. A Balbi YAM

20. K Patridge HON

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 171

James Stewart 161

Chad Reed 150

Trey Canard 146

Ryan Dungey 145

Andrew Short 110

Brett Metcalfe 104

Justin Brayton 90

Davi Millsaps 88

Ivan Tedesco 78

Kevin Windham 74

Scratch Wey 63

Kyle Regal 60

Chris Blose 48

Kyle Chisholm 46

Mike Alessi 46

Matt Boni 25

Weston Peick 24

Thomas Hahn 17

Tye Simmonds 15

250 Lites East Results

1. Dean Wilson KAW

2. Justin Barcia HON

3. Blake Baggett KAW

4. Blake Wharton HON

5. Ryan Sipes YAM

6. Hunter Hewitt SUZ

7. PJ Larsen KTM

8. Malcolm Stewart SUZ

9. Jason Anderson SUZ

10. Matt Lemoine KAW

11. Lance Vincent HON

12. Alex Martin HON

13. Justin Sipes KAW

14. Levi Kilbarger HON

15. Brad Ripple HON

16. Mike Akaydin KAW

17. Sean Lipanovich SUZ

18. Nic Myers HON

19. V Mckiddie KTM

20. K Rusk KTM

250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 47

Senior member Wilson 47

Blake Baggett 40

Ryan Sipes 34

Blake Wharton 33

Jason Anderson 26

L Vincent 23

Matt Lemoine 23

Malcolm Stewart 20

Alex Martin 20

PJ Larsen 17

Ian Trettel 16

Seeker Hewitt 15

C Gosselaar 10

S Rife 9

L Kilbarger 9

Justin Sipes 8

G Audette 8

Brad Ripple 6

Nico Izzi 6