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Report | Supercross Race (Round 13 – Dallas)

A Texas-sized horde of more than 50,000 was close by for the principal Supercross occasion to be held in the new Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night, and the gigantic survey screen over the activity demonstrated to everything; Dean Wilson going ahead solid in the Lites, Bubba and Chad tangling and falling (once more), and Ryan Villopoto dashing savvy to recapture his general focuses lead. The screen likewise highlighted southern-reared Trey Canard, from adjacent Oklahoma, feeling comfortable as he traveled to a simple triumph and got himself in position to make a keep running at the title. A wonderful night of hustling for the Texas reliable, and the photo of the 2011 FIM/AMA season got only a tad clearer en route.

The Lites class began off the night with some lively dirtbike activity appropriate from the entryway drop! Despite the fact that Ryan Sipes signed in the quickest lap of the night in the Lites class, the victor of the night was Monster Energy’s Dean Wilson, who posted the second speediest lap time and one of two riders to post times under 52 seconds. General focuses pioneer Justin Barcia and Blake Wharton filled completed second and third, individually, and Team Honda was just barely starting to make their essence felt on the platform here in Dallas.

The headliner highlighted all the chief riders of the season, and figured to be a standout amongst other races of the season thinking about the tight standings generally speaking. Be that as it may, amusing things happen once the entryway drops, and this occasion would be the same. As the riders raged out of the entryways, Mike Alessi snatched another holeshot, yet again would not hold the lead long, offering approach to both Canard and Dungey in lap one. Alessi, who has a talent for quick begins, battled during that time half of the race, winding up with a tenth place wrap up. Simply behind him, BTO Sports’ own particular Michael Byrne struggled through another intense headliner and snatched another fourteenth. In the event that exclusive for a minute, the general best five-Canard, Dungey, Reed, Villopoto and Stewart were ALL doing combating at the front in the best five positions! Obviously, it couldn’t last-after an awesome forward and backward by James Stewart and Chad Reed, Stewart got sideways in the whoops area and took out Reed, abandoning them both scrambling for whatever is left of the race. Bubba figured out how to wrangle a fourth place complete, however Reed just dealt with an eighth, and would surrender the general focuses lead toward the finish of the night. Trey Canard got out to an exceptionally agreeable lead early and never thought back, getting his third win of the season-noteworthy without a doubt for this new kid on the block sensation. This win set him back in dispute in the in general, yet he will have a difficult, but not impossible task ahead. He’ll truly need to lash up his motocross boots to get to the trophy. Ryan Villopoto snatched second place, yet more critically recovered his general focuses lead. He is hustling great, and must be viewed as the leader now in the season, yet it is TIGHT. He will be up to his dirtbike protective cap in rivalry, that is without a doubt! Ryan Dungey, the guarding champ, keeps on being steady indenting another third and an excursion to the platform. Not extremely conspicuous, but rather his laborer like season has him only a part off the general lead. Absolutely one to watch here descending the extend! Here’s a gander at the standings:

Supercross Results

1. Trey Canard HON

2. Ryan Villopoto KAW

3. Ryan Dungey SUZ

4. James Stewart YAM

5. Kevin Windham HON

6. Andrew Short KTM

7. Thomas Hahn YAM

8. Chad Reed HON

9. Austin Stroupe YAM

10. Mike Alessi KTM

11. Weston Peick YAM

12. Fabien Izoird KAW

13. C Blose KAW

14. Michael Byrne SUZ

15. Ivan Tedesco KAW

16. Kyle Regal YAM

17. Justin Brayton YAM

18. Nick Wey YAM

19. Cole Seely HON

20. Davi Millsaps YAM

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 255

Chad Reed 249

Ryan Dungey 248

Trey Canard 239

James Stewart 234

Andrew Short 174

Kevin Windham 150

Justin Brayton 141

Davi Millsaps 128

Ivan Tedesco 114

Scratch Wey 112

Brett Metcalfe 107

Mike Alessi 94

Chris Blose 76

Kyle Regal 65

Fabien Iziord 53

Matt Boni 48

Kyle Chisholm 46

Weston Peick 44

Michael Byrne 43

250 Lites East Results

1. Dean Wilson KAW

2. Justin Barcia HON

3. Blake Wharton HON

4. Malcolm Stewart SUZ

5. Matt Lemoine KAW

6. D Durham HON

7. Blake Baggett KAW

8. G Audette YAM

9. Alex Martin HON

10. T Bright HON

11. H Hewitt SUZ

12. J Anderson SUZ

13. T Futrell HON

14. L Vincent HON

15. H Clements HON

16. L Kilbarger HON

17. Ryan Sipes YAM

18. A Catanzaro HON

19. Justin Sipes KAW

20. M Myers HON

250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 160

Dignitary Wilson 147

Ryan Sipes 119

Blake Baggett 114

Blake Wharton 109

Matt Lemoine 96

PJ Larsen 80

Malcolm Stewart 73

Alex Martin 59

Spear Vincent 56

Jason Anderson 53

Seeker Hewitt 53

Gannon Audette 47

Taylor Futrell 46

Les Smith 45

Darryn Durham 43

Justin Sipes 31

A Catanzaro 31

L Kilbarger 26

Brad Ripple 24