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Report | Supercross Race (Round 11 – Jacksonville)

As the Supercross arrangement backpedaled to Florida, one of the genuine hotbeds of American dirtbike hustling, the group available was given a wild night! The storyline in Jacksonville had various flighty turns, some wonderful hustling all through, and an impossible legend toward the end-all making for a monstrously fulfilling round of Supercross activity! Who would’ve speculated that Trey Canard would get his most recent triumph, following a four week extend of unfortunate news. Who would’ve speculated that general focuses pioneer Ryan Villopoto would miss the headliner totally! Who would’ve speculated that James Stewart would run too hard and crash out of the race (well, you may have speculated that one). It was a night of the unforeseen, which indeed demonstrates how incredible the game truly is, and how rapidly the tide of the season can turn…

The early part of the night was maybe somewhat less sensational, as GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia, of Ochlocknee, Ga., earned his second Eastern Regional Supercross Lites class triumph of the season. Getting the holeshot, Barcia drove every one of the 15 laps by an exceptionally agreeable edge to win effectively. Dignitary Wilson and Ryan Sipes had strong turns too and completed on the platform, however were plainly clobbered by Justin Barcia who now has a 15 point lead in the general standings. The genuine astonishment important is that Blake Baggett missed the primary in the Lites, and has dropped to fourth generally subsequent to having made a solid push the earlier month up the board. We’ll check whether he can get back on track one week from now, yet it won’t be simple Justin Barcia is sound and has extremely adjusted into frame.

In the 450cc headliner, the door dropped and the line of motocross caps surged forward to the enjoyment of the fans. It was KTM Red Bull Racing’s Mike Alessi who got the holeshot, yet he just figured out how to keep his lead for a large portion of a lap or so before Trey Canard and Chad Reed got by him. As is so regularly the case, the principal turn swarm guaranteed a couple of setbacks, and this time it was James Stewart who fell hard and was not able proceed. We’ll need to keep tabs on his development during that time to check whether he’ll miss any activity, however he needed helped of the track-never a decent sign. Before the finish of a couple of laps, Canard had a telling lead and Reed and Dungey were on his tail, with Alessi falling back. The vast majority of the race would keep this business as usual, until the point that Reed figured out how to draw near to Canard, and notwithstanding passing him on lap 18. Be that as it may, Canard immediately recovered his lead and made a decisive last stand to take the occasion, with Reed completing second, and Dungey by and by clinging to get up on another platform. Strange to have a headliner that did exclude Ryan Villopoto, who was compelled to spectate after a non-qualifying execution in the warms. With RV2 out and Stewart down after turn one, a significant part of the air appeared to be out of the baloon. How about we trust we can get them all back at the highest point of their amusement in the blink of an eye.

It was an amazing night for Honda, with Barcia and Canard taking their particular headliners! It was likewise an extraordinary night for BTO Sports, who had two riders engaging in the 450cc fundamental! Congratulations to Michael Byrne and Jason Thomas, both once more from damage and pursuing brilliance. They completed twelfth and thirteenth individually, and will no uncertainty press the issue in occasions to come! Talking about occasions to come, one week from now the young men of Supercross travel north of the fringe to demonstrate Toronto a night of huge hops, splendid motocross attire, daring pace and no-nonsense dirtbike hustling. As we travel north, a glance at the standings:

Supercross Results

1. Trey Canard HON

2. Chad Reed HON

3. Ryan Dungey SUZ

4. Kevin Windham HON

5. Andrew Short KTM

6. Ivan Tedesco KAW

7. Mike Alessi KTM

8. Austin Stroupe YAM

9. Nick Wey YAM

10. Chris Blose KAW

11. Fabien Izoird KAW

12. Michael Byrne SUZ

13. Jason Thomas SUZ

14. J J Browne YAM

15. Cole Seely HON

16. Kyle Patridge HON

17. Davi Millsaps YAM

18. James Stewart YAM

19. Matt Goerke KAW

20. Weston Peick YAM

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 221

Chad Reed 214

Ryan Dungey 203

James Stewart 198

Trey Canard 194

Andrew Short 145

Kevin Windham 121

Justin Brayton 121

Davi Millsaps 118

Brett Metcalfe 107

Ivan Tedesco 105

Scratch Wey 94

Mike Alessi 82

Chris Blose 64

Kyle Regal 60

Kyle Chisholm 46

Matt Boni 43

Fabien Iziord 36

Michael Byrne 29

Austin Stroupe 28

250 Lites East Results

1. Justin Barcia HON

2. Dean Wilson KAW

3. Ryan Sipes YAM

4. Matt Lemoine KAW

5. PJ Larsen KTM

6. Darryn Durham HON

7. Les Smith HON

8. Taylor Futrell HON

9. Hunter Hewitt SUZ

10. Justin Sipes KAW

11. Lance Vincent HON

12. A Catanzaro HON

13. Kyle Keylon SUZ

14. S Lipanovich SUZ

15. B Ripple HON

16. L Kilbarger HON

17. Blake Wharton HON

18. Chris Gosselaar SUZ

19. Gannon Audette YAM

20. Malcolm Stewart SUZ

250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 116

Ryan Sipes 99

Senior member Wilson 97

Blake Baggett 85

Matt Lemoine 69

Blake Wharton 69

PJ Larsen 62

Malcolm Stewart 53

Jason Anderson 44

L Vincent 43

Alex Martin 40

Les Smith 36

T Futrell 34

Seeker Hewitt 30

Brad Ripple 21

L Kilbarger 21

A Catanzaro 20

G Audette 20

Justin Sipes 19

Ian Trettel 16