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Report Race (Round 3 – High Point)

The mid year Motocross arrangement opened its tents in Pennsylvania throughout the end of the week for the yearly fights at High Point, an awesome track that can truly test even the most prepared experts. This demonstrated genuine by and by, as the track conditions changed for the duration of the day and gave a variety of exceptional difficulties here in cycle three. What’s more, after the smoke (and rain) had cleared, it appeared that it was a decent day to be on a Kawasaki! Four of the best five racers in the Lites division were on the green machines, as was Ryan Villopoto who put on a show in the 450 class. A brilliant day of hustling in all classes, and the scene of the general focuses pursue is starting to come to fruition.

The Lites division was an unmistakable instance of the typical suspects in advance yet the huge champ of the day was Blake Baggett, who truly lashed up the dirtbike boots and took both checkered banners on the day. With these wins he has truly launch himself into the general title discussion. After a not as much as stellar begin to his season, his 1-1 complete here at High Point has him now running third in the by and large behind colleagues Tyla Rattray (3-2) and Dean Wilson (2-8). Additionally toward the best is swarm fave Eli Tomac (6-3) who is sitting in fourth and will attempt to climb the positions in the coming weeks. As usual, it’s enjoyable to observe tomorrow’s stars shred it in the Lites division, and the future looks splendid with these four at the cutting edge.

The 450 class was a story of two motos, with cool and dry conditions early offering approach to rain and mud in the late evening. In the principal moto, the dirtbike adapt remained generally spotless as the riders explored the actually stable yet dry track. Ryan Villopoto, who shredded it in the training rounds, got off to an early lead and put it on voyage control to the complete, his first win outside since taking the Supercross title a month ago. At that point just before Moto 2, the rain came! Furthermore, a hard, mid-west deluge made for a testing track in reality! Chad Reed, who battled out of the blue this season in Moto 1(got hit by a stone and almost went OTB!), utilized his veteran clever on the smooth mud to course his way to a win in Moto 2-and in doing as such kept up a 15 point advantage in the general standings. RV2 oversaw second, to take the occasion here at High Point and to settle in at second in the generally. At that point there is protecting MX champ Ryan Dungey, who completed 2/3 on the evening and is sneaking in third place by and large and is unsafe. You get the inclination that his earnest attempts lie ahead. The season is taking structure, and the standings beneath will recount the story as it sits right now:

Motocross Class Results

Ryan Villopoto – KAW – 1/2

Ryan Dungey – SUZ – 2/3

Chad Reed – HON – 5/1

Mike Alessi – KTM – 4/4

Davi Millsaps – YAM – 3/9

Kevin Windham – HON – 6/5

Tommy Hahn – YAM – 10/7

Brett Metcalfe – SUZ – 8/10

Jake Weimer – KAW – 7/11

Scratch Wey – YAM – 14/8

Ricky Dietrich – YAM – 17/6

Andrew Short – KTM – 11/14

Weston Peick – KAW – 15/13

Michael Byrne – SUZ – 12/16

Christian Craig – HON – 9/21

Motocross Class Point Standings

Chad Reed – 138

Ryan Villopoto – 123

Ryan Dungey – 111

Davi Millsaps – 104

Brett Metcalfe – 88

Kevin Windham – 76

Ricky Dietrich – 72

Jake Weimer – 68

Tommy Hahn – 65

Christian Craig – 59

Scratch Wey – 55

Andrew Short – 50

Michael Byrne – 50

Mike Alessi – 36

Tye Simmonds – 36

250 LitesMX Class Results

Blake Baggett – KAW – 1/1

Tyla Rattray – KAW – 3/2

Eli Tomac – HON – 6/3

Senior member Wilson – KAW – 2/8

Broc Tickle – KAW – 10/4

Justin Barcia – HON – 8/7

Cole Seely – HON – 11/5

K Cunningham – YAM – 5/11

Darryn Durham – HON – 4/14

Alex Martin – HON – 13/6

Malcolm Stewart – SUZ – 9/10

Travis Baker – HON – 15/9

Nico Izzi – HON – 7/18

Scratch Paluzzi – SUZ – 14/13

Gareth Swanepoel – YAM – 12/15

250 Lites MX Class Point Standings

Tyla Rattray – 127

Dignitary Wilson – 125

Blake Baggett – 116

Eli Tomac – 104

K Cunningham – 90

Justin Barcia – 79

Cole Seely – 68

Broc Tickle – 67

G Swanepoel – 61

M Davalos – 53

Darryn Durham – 48

Nico Izzi – 43

G Audette – 38

Jason Anderson – 37

M Stewart, N Paluzzi – 34