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Report Race (Round 2 – Freestone)

Summer has unquestionably hit the South as sweltering temperatures and inexhaustible daylight immersed Wortham, Texas for Round 2 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship here at Freestone. Vented motocross adapt was the outfit of the day, as the best riders on the planet attempted to remain cool and pile on a few focuses on an extremely requesting track with exceptionally requesting conditions. Some in the pits were guaranteeing that it achieved 100 degrees at one point toward the evening, however that didn’t discourage the racers from putting on a marvelous show. What’s more, it absolutely didn’t appear to trouble the motocross steadfast covering the track and rooting for them! All things considered, this was only a remarkable day of dashing and a stacking serving of Texas accommodation.

In the Lites division: It was a pennant day for Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki! Dignitary Wilson took the principal moto for the group, while Tyla Rattray took the second. Rattray had a 2-1 complete on the day, giving him the occasion triumph. While partner Dean Wilson dealt with a 1-3 complete and secured the general focuses lead going into cycle three. The other essential focuses in the race include a crash between Justin Barcia and Marvin Musquin. Barcia was viewed as a most loved in the arrangement, yet this crash left him with a ninth place complete in the moto (9-2 on the day)and thumped him down the general leaderboard, where he sits in 6th place. The news is far more atrocious for Musquin, who battled a week ago in Hangtown. The crash here in Freestone left Musquin with a compound crack of the thumb, an abhorrent end to his 2011 season-we wish him a full and rapid recuperation. Well done to Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki! How about we check whether these two at the best can prop it up one week from now.

In the 450 class: The beat continues for TwoTwo Motorsports’ Chad Reed – a 1-1 complete here at Freestone gave him the undeniable occasion win, and in addition an agreeable lead in the general standings. While all appears to be well and maybe even overwhelming in the Reed camp, the second moto truly had a place with protecting champ Ryan Dungey, who was WAY out in front by no less than 20 seconds. In journey control and seeming as though he would be comfortable best of the focuses pursue by the end of the day (he took second in the primary moto), everything came weakened. The Texas warm gave Dungey’s bicycle a “fuel bubbling” issue, and he was compelled to stop early-the feared DNF. Shock city for Dungey-with a 2-25 complete here at Freestone, he now goes from the highest point of the leaderboard down to eighth in general, and will have no space for blunder going ahead. Unfortunate news all around, as Dungey appeared wind bit all Supercross season long-sorry to learn the mishap overflow into the motocross arrangement. What’s more, now – how about we take a gander at the standings with two occasions in the books:

450 Overall

1. Chad Reed (Honda) 1-1

2. Davi Millsaps (Yamaha) 4-2

3. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) 3-5

4. Brett Metcalfe (Suzuki) 9-3

5. Ricky Dietrich (Yamaha) 8-4

6. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 6-7

7. Christian Craig (Honda) 5-8

8. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) 2-25

9. Andrew Short (KTM) 15-6

10. Scratch Wey (Yamaha) 10-11

11. Michael Byrne (Suzuki) 14-10

12. Tye Simmonds (KTM) 13-12

13. Les Smith (Yamaha) 11-14

14. Vince Friese (Yamaha) 12-16

15. Tommy Hahn (Yamaha) 7-39

16. Ben LaMay (Yamaha) 16-13

17. Kevin Windham (Honda) 28-9

18. Calle Aspegren (Honda) 17-17

19. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha) 39-15

20. Fredrik Noren (Honda) 19-19

21. Dignitary Porter (Suzuki) 21-18

22. Kyle Partridge (Yamaha) 18-35

23. Kurtis Manderscheid (Yamaha) 23-20

24. Seth Rarick (Honda) 20-23

25. Dillon Huddleston (Kawasaki) 24-21

26. Tyler Bright (Honda) 30-22

27. Dustin Kendall (Suzuki) 26-27

28. Tony Gallo (Honda) 31-24

29. Michael Stryker (KTM) 25-30

30. Lowell Spangler (Honda) 22-33

31. Buddi Bruner (Kawasaki) 29-29

32. Dakota Kessler (Yamaha) 27-31

33. Robert Fitch Jr. (Honda) 32-28

34. Heath Harrison (Honda) 40-26

35. Cory Green (Suzuki) 37-32

36. Scotty Wennerstrom (Suzuki) 33-36

37. Dustin Pipes (Suzuki) 36-34

38. Christophe Pourcel (Yamaha) 34-37

39. Weston Peick (Kawasaki) 35-40

40. Kevin Urquhart (Kawasaki) 38-38

450 Series Standings

1. Chad Reed 97

2. Ryan Villopoto 76

3. Davi Millsaps 72

4. Ryan Dungey 69

5. Brett Metcalfe 64

6. Ricky Dietrich53

7. Christian Craig 47

8. Kevin Windham 45

9. Jake Weimer 44

10. Tommy Hahn 40

11. Michael Byrne 36

12. Scratch Wey 35

13. Andrew Short 33

14. Tyle Simmonds 31

15. Christophe Pourcel 24