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Report | KTM Anaheim 2 Team Race

Anaheim,CA (Jan.20) – KTM group came in to Anaheim for Round 3 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, a FIM World Championship Series Saturday with certainty, hoping to enhance a week ago’s race.

Matt Goerke felt solid amid the day, as he would qualify in the seventeenth spot. As the door dropped for warm two, Matt would start up towards the front, riding smooth and remaining out of inconvenience. He would assert a spot in the headliner with a seventh place in the warmth race.In the 450SX primary, the Pirelli tires snared out of the door for Matt and impelled him to an incredible begin. He would fight inside the main ten all race with Justin Brayton and Josh Grant. As the checkered banner fell, Matt would go too far in ninth place, his best this season.

Les Smith keeps on enhancing and awe, as this week he qualified in the fifteenth spot.With the adrenaline pumping, Les would haul hard out of the door in his warmth to nearly take the holeshot. He would keep running in second place for the initial segment of the race until the point that a few missteps would remove him from a qualifying spot. In the LCQ, Less would begin well, however would miss the mark as he completed sixth. As Les acquires certainty, search for him to make the primary one week from now at Oakland.

“I am extremely glad at Matt’s ride this evening. He got his work done amid the week and came in arranged today around evening time. This is the place we ought to be, inside the main ten consistently.” Team chief Forrest Butler said.