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• The valve spring retainers are now lightweight aluminum instead of steel, and valve spring weight is lighter for decreased valve-opening power. This adds to better low-than mid range torque attributes because of less power-looting grating. There’s likewise another, higher lift cam profile, while valve stem closes are chromium-nitride covered for excellent unwavering quality and decreased support.

• The exhaust port shape has a “D” shape instead of round. This builds speed through the port for magnificent throttle reaction, while upgrading the power feeling of the motor.

• The newly designed radiator is lower and further back and the oil tank is more minimal and repositioned to accomplish more noteworthy mass centralization.

• The carburetor bore has a new venturi shape, plus there’s recalibrated streaming and another quickening agent pump. This means great reaction when the rider snaps open the throttle, and adds to brilliant torquey low-to-midrange control attributes.

• The intake boot offers a straight, smooth tract for excellent engine breathing and more power. The airbox is reshaped to tuck flawlessly into the Bilateral Beam outline.

• The exhaust pipe has been carefully tuned to optimize engine power, with a suppressor that is 50mm longer and with a smaller center – a plan that lets the YZ250F serenely meet the most recent commotion models without relinquishing power.

• Engineers were able to increase the clutch spring load for stronger engagement, yet, on account of a recalibrated grip activation arm cam proportion, lever pull is really lighter than some time recently.

• Third and fourth gear ratios are slightly taller, and third, fourth, and fifth apparatuses are more grounded than any time in recent memory with new drive canine shapes for positive engagement. That gives riders a solid gearbox that has been painstakingly coordinated to motor power qualities.


• The Bilateral Beam frame is crafted from a carefully chosen combination of produced and expelled aluminum pieces – 20 in all – all welded together to give unmatched unbending nature adjust.

• The KYB speed-delicate front fork conveys remarkable damping feel, responsiveness, and knock retention attributes. Damping settings are reexamined, the cylinder poles have another surface treatment, and the oil seal is another outline.

• The 4-way-adjustable KYB raise stun has been overhauled to take advantage of the Bilateral Beam outline plan. It’s lower in the edge for phenomenal mass centralization, and has new damping attributes.

• The new tank, seat, and rear fender are flat and the relationship between handlebars, pegs, and seat result in a characteristic, more forward riding position that encourages rider development. The fuel tank has been advanced toward the focal point of the bicycle for mass centralization. The ProTaper bars are four-way movable, and handlebar mounts and footpegs are 5mm higher to improve rider position on the new undercarriage.


• The CDI unit has revised ignition mapping to match new engine

admission and fumes specs.

• Riders have a choice of two color options: Team Yamaha Blue and

White or White and Red.


If it’s not too much trouble allude to the Yamaha Off-Road Accessories and Apparel Catalog or go to yamaha-motor.com.

250cc fluid cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 5 titanium valves

77.0 x 53.6mm

13.5:1 Keihin FCR MX37 CDI Constant-work 5-speed;

Multiplate wet grasp

Speed-Sensitive System rearranged fork; completely movable, 11.8-in movement Fully movable single stun;

12.0-in movement Hydraulic single plate brake, 250mm Hydraulic single circle brake, 245mm 80/100-21 110/90-19 85 x 32.5 x 51.3 in

38.9 in

57.7 in

14.8 in

1.7 lady

224.8 lb

Group Yamaha Blue/White; White/Red

**Wet weight incorporates the vehicle with all standard gear and all liquids, including oil, coolant (as material) and a full tank of fuel. It does exclude the heaviness of choices or extras. Wet weight is valuable in making genuine correlations with different models.

Details subject to change without take note.