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Racer Awards At 2012 Mammoth Motocross

Gone to Mammoth this year for the 2012 Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross Race? Provided that this is true, make sure to make a trip and visit the BTO Sports group in the pits. They will be there to help the occasion from June 22nd through July first. On the off chance that you were there a year ago, at that point you presumably got comfortable with the every day “Race Day Raffle” that BTO Sports put on for the fans and riders on race days. The infamous pools will occur again throughout the entire week this year. The prizes will be extraordinary, and best of all, it is allowed to agree to accept the pool. It won’t stop there this year however. BTO Sports has assembled a variety of items to deliver a group of new honors for the racers of the occasion.

Here is a rundown of honors that will be up for snatches during the current year’s race members:

BTO Sports Holeshot Award – The holeshot honor will be up for snatches to the person to make it past the BTO Sports Holeshot markers before the principal huge downhill. The Prize will be an uncommon release 2012 BTO Sports/Mammoth Motocross Collab. Tee shirt, and a $25.00 US BTO Sports Gift Certificate. The honor is up for snatches in each FIRST MOTO of each class. (genius classes avoided)

BTO Sports Oil Change Award – Presented by Kal Gard Lubricants. The BTO Sports Oil Change is up for gets amid Vet Weekend as it were. The honor will comprise of 2 quarts of Kal Gard oil to every victor of the Vet Jr. also, Senior Jr. headliners, on both days of Vet Racing rivalry.

BTO Sports ‘Up and Comer’ Award – Presented by Answer Racing. This prize is a reward to the victors of the Junior class headliners. This honor will be introduced to the victors of all “Lesser” class headliners. Each class victor will get an endorsement for an arrangement of Answer Racing Motocross Gear (Pant, Jersey, and Gloves).

BTO Sports ‘Hard Charger’ Award – Presented by Hinson Clutch Components. This honor goes out to the folks in the Schoolboy class who gave it everything, except didn’t exactly make it. As we as a whole know, the Schoolboy class is a quick and focused class that can impose on these bicycles with the littler engines. What better thing to fault for not making the fundamental than a slipping grip? On account of Hinson Clutch Components, BTO Sports will give the folks from every schoolboy division who are only 1 spot far from making the schoolboy headliner with a free Hinson Clutch Basket.

BTO Sports ‘Little Ripper’ Award – Presented by EKS Brand Goggles. This honor will be up for gets to all little rider Main Event and Moto 2 races. The late and incredible Whitney Houston once said “I trust the kids are our future. Show them well and let them lead the way.” Although she didn’t hold the best reputation for making ‘astute choices’ for the duration of her life, she was unquestionably onto something with this statement. BTO Sports trusts that these words couldn’t be all the more obvious, so they have collaborated with Rich Taylor from EKS Brand Goggles to grant these little champions with pristine arrangements of EKS Brand Goggles for their moto wins!