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Pod MX K4 Knee Brace . Premium Breakthrough Performance.

The all new K4 knee support from Pod MX makes cutting edge solace and execution open to the motocross masses. What’s more, the greater part of us who moto additionally get a kick out of the chance to ride mountains, waves, wakes, bicycles and everything else quick and fun, so we made the K4 thin, light and effectively adjusted for multi-don utilize.

BTO Sports’ Andrew Short clarifies why he picks POD Knee Braces:

The Pod MX K4 Knee Brace is a definitive in knee security. Motocross riders the world over lean toward the administrations of Pod MX Knee Braces. Earth Bike riders like Andrew Short, Trey Canard, and Jonny Walker swear by Pod MX Knee Braces, thus should you. Ensure your knees like the greatest stars in motocross and get the Pod MX K4 Knee Brace. Regardless of whether you’re riding a 250 or a 450, knee security is a standout amongst the most critical parts of motocross. You can’t hone on your track times at the earth track when you are sidelined.

The force of present day don puts the human knee at noteworthy hazard which is the reason Pod MX built up their own Synthetic Ligaments to lessen the strain on yours. Knee wounds are among the most widely recognized motocross wounds, and can undoubtedly remove you from the diversion for quite a long time, contingent upon the seriousness. The Human Motion® pivot framework by Pod MX is intended to mirror tendons to diminish the strain without anyone else tendons. These manufactured tendons go about as an on-request support to fight off critical hazard. The Pod MX K4 Knee Brace is a decent case of the Human Motion® pivot framework in real life as it guards you, without yielding execution.

The Pod K4 Knee Brace is lightweight and adjusts to the necessities of your knees. Numerous Knee Braces hinder on your capacity to perform on the track. The Pod MX K4 Knee Brace enables you to remain certain on your earth bicycle, without being continually reminded that you are wearing a knee support. Motocross assurance is a noteworthy piece of anybody’s motocross adapt, and is not kidding business. Unit Active comprehends this. A long stretch of time of Research and advancement have finished in this moderate, sturdy, and agreeable knee support. Be sheltered, remain safe, and get the K4 Knee Brace today and wear it to the soil bicycle track.

K4 Knee Brace – POD Active

“The principal thing you see is the means by which light they are. At that point when you are riding they remain set up and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a knee prop.”