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Paul Whibley has announced his retirement

Paul Whibley, the ultra-persevering rough terrain racer from New Zealand, has reported his retirement from American dashing. Whibs, known as the Ax Man (since he used to work in the NZ backwoods benefit) and the Badger (since he was fit as a fiddle, he’d irritate the poo out of you late in the races) is a two-time GNCC Champion and six-time champion of the OMA Series. The fella is intense as nails and exemplified the never-surrender, work over-streak soul that 4×4 junkies live by. The buddy just never surrendered – as of recently, as he’s chose to head back home with a lot of trophies to stick on the mantle. Here’s his official retirement letter beneath.

It’s been one hell of a ride. Never thought I’d wind up where we stand today. 12 years down the track with 2 GNCC and 6 OMA Championships. One flawless OMA season and 17 back to back wins, and a great deal of opening shots. A few accomplishments that I’m entirely pleased with. It’s an extreme call to make however and one I have grappled with for some time now yet I know it’s the ideal opportunity for us to go to New Zealand. I will miss being an expert racer and heading off to every one of the races. Be that as it may, will miss much more the companions we have made en route and our family at the Am Pro Yamaha group. We have met some awesome individuals and made deep rooted companions. We’ve had the chance to work with and gain from a large number of the games greats from here and everywhere throughout the world. We have seen a great deal and experienced significantly more.

The help from the fans has been astounding. We have been invited and acknowledged as though we were one of your own. Which makes it considerably harder to clear out. What’s more, everything would not have been conceivable without the colossal patrons, many have been with us for the whole deal and move toward becoming as much companion as support. To Donnie Luce and Yamaha for the colossal help and giving the best gear, Ash and the group at Monster Energy, The Coombs Family/Racer Productions Staff for giving the world’s most expert rough terrain arrangement, Bill Gussie and the staff at the OMA occasions for some of world’s best courses, John Ayers and his staff for the great TV scope that has lifted every one of the Racers that contend at the GNCC occasions, likewise every one of the individuals from the Media that have given all the scope throughout the years.

A colossal Thank You to all. What’s to come is somewhat unverifiable at this stage yet I respect the clear canvas and anticipate painting the following picture of my life. Thinking back on everything I ponder where the time went. Going far and wide pursuing our fantasies and acknowledging a large number of them. Presently it’s a great opportunity to make a move to the side and help little Colton pursue his. So from Myself, Katherine and Colton we thank all of you for your awesome help and companionship throughout the years. What’s more, if your ever in New Zealand please drop us a line.