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Parts on the BTO-KTM-WPS Team Bike

The BTO Sports-KTM-WPS Team Race Bikes include the most astounding quality execution parts, particularly outlined and beat the opposition. Figure out how each part adds to a triumphant BTO-KTM-WPS group bicycle:


The FMF Racing Exhaust Systems utilized by the BTO-KTM-WPS group are intended to be lightweight and tough, as well as to expand torque and propel crest control. We use the most imaginative fumes frameworks to date delivered by FMF to make ideal power yield and enormous additions, while decreasing the sound level.


Group bicycles are fitted with front and back Talon sprockets for their self-cleaning grooves, extraordinary strength and being lightweight. You will likewise discover tough and reliable RK hustling chains on all BTO Sports-KTM-WPS race bicycles.


The Galfer Brakes utilized on the BTO-KTM-WPS bicycles offer most extreme ceasing power by expanding “get”, while likewise forestalling cushion coat and enhancing rotor life. Consolidate the Dubya fabricated Talon/Excel wheels with the Galfer brakes for a dart on production line set up ideal out of the entryway.


Our riders rely upon the most astounding quality, carefully assembled Raptor Titanium Footpegs that offer a solid hold, another plan to keep mud out, and enormous lightweight quality made by aviation review material and master craftsmanship.


At the core of the BTO Sports-KTM-WPS group bicycles you’ll discover KTM Factory Services High Performance engines using impenetrable Hinson grasp segments. The group additionally depends upon Engine Ice to keep the bicycles running cool under strain, as it is the games chief hustling coolant, DT1 air channels to keep the motor running clean and Bel-Ray execution oils to ensure the motor has the largest amount of security.


When you visit the BTO Sports-KTM-WPS pit territory, you’ll discover Matrix Concepts stands that make taking a shot at the bicycles less demanding. Top quality Acerbis plastic and crisp designs from Factory Effex ensure the race bicycles are continually looking new.


Our group bicycles tear up the track with just the best Pirelli Scorpion MX tires, giving footing over the opposition and WP Factory Services Suspension for apex bicycle set-up finished the harshest landscape.


The BTO Sports-KTM-WPS race bicycles utilize Reflex/Streamline levers and ODI handlebars and holds for a definitive in bicycle control.

For more data on the BTO Sports-KTM-WPS race group, visit www.btosportsracing.com