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Malcolm Stewart put on a remarkable show at the Red Bull Straight Mood a weekend ago and looked marvelous on a 450. He was reliably setting down lap times at the highest point of the leaderboard and positively put his name on the notorious SX radar for a ride after a strong platform execution. Malcolm has extraordinary compared to other identities in the game and we generally anticipate making up for lost time.

TLD’s Darryn Durham was one of the riders changing groups amid this extremely dynamic senseless season and proceeds with the custom of that group having a portion of the smoothest/renegade riding styles under their covering. DD is prepared to place 2014 in the rearview reflect and gets a begin new on the KTM. We’ll get a few musings from the punk rocker on the Straight Mood race and the new group today around evening time.

It appears like just yesterday we were talking with TLD’s Jessy Nelson at Loretta Lynn’s the point at which he still on the 80s, yet the 2012 New kid on the block of the Year has some time added to his repertoire and seems to be a contender in both arrangement one year from now. Jessy completed a solid third in Straight Musicality and finished the extremely orange 250 podia. Jessy will enjoy a reprieve from testing sufficiently long to give a brief period today around evening time.

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