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MotoGP Meets Motocross

When you have the right stuff, you have the right stuff regardless of what you ride. On account of MotoGp star and Factory Honda rider Marc Marquez, if the bicycle has slicks or bumpy tires, you tear it up! While Marquez is pursuing down MotoGP titles amid the hustling season, his method for letting free is tossing a leg over a motocross bicycle and perching earth and assaulting the track!

“The pilot MotoGP Marc Márquez shuts the season 2015 debate Motocross Festival Segre 2015 circuit The Grove Bridges with his Honda CRF 250 R, accomplishing second place in one of the sleeves MX1 behind his mate group Jose Luis Martinez.”

Look at Marc Marquez as he assaults the motocross track on his CRF250R HRC race bicycle. Marquez doesn’t prefer to hit the track without the best possible wellbeing gear. He realizes that the correct apparatus will ensure him in case of a crash and to ride one more day.

We should investigate a portion of the rigging that Marc Marquez utilizes on the motocross track: