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Monster Energy Kawasaki

Need to torque for an expert Supercross dashing group? It takes more than a grin – ask Monster Energy Kawasaki team boss Travis Parry. Each occasion on the SX date-book requires a full bicycle breakdown and re-assemble.

Look at the vid underneath, specifying how Parry completes a full framework check and re-work of Josh Grant’s earth bicycle. The overlooked details are the main problem people, and this activity looks truly exceptional!

Distributed on Mar 31, 2017

Beast Energy Kawasaki technician Travis Parry clarifies the subtle elements of the work for Josh Grant’s machine between occasions.

*Bonus: Here’s Josh Grant, strolling you through the feared “arm pump”, and approaches to dodge it when out there on the track.

Distributed on Jan 16, 2017

Beast Energy Kawasaki rider Josh Grant shares tips on the best way to beat arm pump.

Group Info

For 2017, the Monster Energy® Kawasaki hustling group proceeds with its title winning routes with two-time champion Eli Tomac and new colleague Josh Grant. In the wake of being delegated the 2012 250cc Supercross West Region Champion and 2013 250cc Motocross Champion, Tomac has included a few 450 class supercross and motocross race wins to his great resume. Tomac now hopes to put his KX™450F up on the best spot of the platform in 2017. Allow, starting his ninth year in the head class compliments the group with mind blowing ability and various motocross and supercross wins. Concede, hopes to proceed with his triumphant ways and fight his partner for the title.

The Monster Energy Kawasaki dashing group has been the most predominant Supercross and motocross group in the most recent decade with eight consolidated AMA titles.