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Millsaps At Milestone Theater

The end of the week’s are for hustling, yet amid the week, you will discover Team BTO Sports-KTM-WPS rider Davi Millsaps destroying the supercross track at Milestone MX. RacerX made up for lost time with DM18 amid the prior week Anaheim 2, where he would go ahead to win a warmth race, snatch the headliner holeshot and complete seventh. It was a decent night for Davi and you can see exactly how hard he prepares amid the week to put in those outcomes.

To take in more about Team BTO Sports, go to www.btosportsracing.com where you can locate the most recent race report and photographs from the end of the week’s race.

In the video, you can see Davi Millsaps wearing the new Fly Racing 2016 Evolution 2.0 Code shirt and gasp motocross adapt. For his protective cap, Davi Millsaps wore the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Zoom cap with MIPS innovation. This protective cap is awesome with regards to security and solace. For gloves, Davi likes to run a more insignificant style glove and lean towards the Fly Racing lite gloves.

To ensure his feet, he wear the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots which gives him greatest lower leg and feet assurance. Eye insurance is imperative, and Davi wears only the best from Scott goggles.

You also can wear an indistinguishable rigging from Davi Millsaps. Make certain to visit btosports.com now and you could be manufacturing plant simply like DM18!