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Michael Leib is out for Oakland, and likely the season after an awful crash amid qualifying left him with a presumed broken leg, potentially two. Leib was entering a cadence area when he went over the bars, launched out and landed hard on the earth, sans bicycle. Leib went to the healing facility where he’ll experience advance assessment. We’ll post more as points of interest end up noticeably accessible.


Leib experienced surgery yesterday to repair his correct tib/lie and his correct foot, right enormous toe and left pinky toe. Leib posted the accompanying on Instagram:

Out of surgery from early toward the beginning of today. It would appear that the operation went well. Time to mend up now. Much thanks to you for all the help from everybody. Sorry I’ve not been on my telephone the most recent couple of days to react to anybody, yet I’ve perused everybody’s messages and I can’t state thank you enough for the energy, supplications and support. #BeLeib61