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Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna’s Martin Davalos handled the main punch in the 250SX East Title; reminding the game he’s still around and arranged for the title fight. We secured Martin’s first since forever win and we’re happy he has returned to share this one.

Racer X’s David Pingree is a perception mockery master. His brisk mind and sharp tongue make him a gold mine each time he’s on the show and we’re super fed/pumped he has some time today around evening time.

Mentor Robb Bars are one of the most focused and most genuine individuals I’ve ever met in this game. His sense of duty regarding the better general wellbeing and preparing of his customers and non-customers alike is praiseworthy. He’s gone path past helping our numerous audience members throughout the years and we’re thankful he’s been a piece of DMXS around then.

We’ll get to some more audience addresses today, however, try to look at www.completeracingsolutions.com for huge amounts of data and his enlightening pamphlet, as well.

DMXS Radio much obliged Troy Lee Plans, Moto Tradition, SCOTT, Shades of Dim, Racer X, MX Games, DUBYA Wheels, GoPro, OGIO, Concept2 Rowers, HLTNCo.com, Mentor Robb Bars, Vurbmoto, Skull Confection, and Stellar MX Designs for their proceeded with help. Much obliged to YOU!

DMXS Radio has been making Awful Billy glad since 2001!


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