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Marc Marquez | 2016 World Champ

Marc Marquez Observes In Style!

Two things about MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez. In the first place, he knows how to race! Additionally, plus, he knows how to party down and applaud a title!

Take a gander at it!

More than five Big showdowns for Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Group), it has transformed into a custom for the Cervera neighborhood to return to where he experienced childhood in Catalonia to adulate his most recent title – and in 2016, for his third MotoGP™ crown in four years, it was the same: an extensive number of fans lined the roads to welcome back the 2016 MotoGP™ Best on the planet.

In the first place welcome fans from the Town Lobby toward the night, the social affair by then started later in the day with Marquez and his gathering on a parade through Cervera – with ants on stilts, drumming and music to run with them – with the course completing off with Square Pius XII as Marquez and his gathering showed up before the amassed rambling fans and their few 93 pennants.

After a recap of the season and how Marquez took the title, the Spaniard displayed his family and his gathering and gave a talk from the stage. And asking for a couple of responsibilities from those present who have been so pivotal in the number 93’s success. Additionally, offered thanks toward everyone who has been there in transit to his fifth Big showdown triumph! Taking everything into account, wanting to bring home a few more trophies later on…

The Champ Is Here!

Marc Marquez: “I am exceptionally appreciative to every one of the general population who have come here today, indeed, to celebrate in this extraordinary gathering. Before setting off to the Valencian Stupendous Prix, when I was cycling, I had just observed every one of the boulevards decked out with banners with my name on, and I started to feel butterflies in my stomach.