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The 2016 Lucas Oil Master Motocross Title plan has been reported, and long-lasting enthusiasts of the arrangement will

recognize the return of a certain iconic track to the lineup: Southwick.

Next season, the arrangement will hold a race at Southwick out of the blue since 2013. With the promoters unfit to achieve a concurrence with the landowners over proceeded with the utilization of the office, the occasion was compelled to take a two-year rest after 2013, however, the entryway was kept open for a possible return.

” When we settled on the choice to leave Southwick at the finish of the 2013 season there was dependably a conviction that we would return there sooner rather than later. We are glad to state that the time has come to take the title back to ‘the sandbox,’ filling a void many fans and individuals from the business have felt the most recent three years,” MX Games Master Hustling President Davey Coombs said in a public statement. “We are eager to come back to the energetic fans in New Britain and feature a standout amongst the most cherished and special settings of the Lucas Oil Genius Motocross Title.”

The Southwick National will supplant the Utah National, which had been held at Mill operator Motorsports Stop throughout the previous three years.

In general, the Lucas Oil Expert Motocross Title will indeed hold 12 rounds of dashing through the span of the season, commencing on May 21st at Hangtown. For the second year in succession, the season will come full circle at Ironman Raceway for the last round, which will be hung on August 27th.