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Ken Roczen Wins the 2016 AMA 450 Pro Motocross Championship

Well done to Ken Roczen, who takes the 2016 crown out on the mid year soil visit. Plainly a name that will no uncertainty come up on platform for quite a long time to come. So authoritatively, AMA Motocross has another ruler!

Red Bull has given us a pleasant little video alter beneath, specifying his trip from moto kid star to developed man champ! To that point, it’s a lengthy, difficult experience with years on the earth bicycle to influence a fantasy to like this wake up.

Look at it:

Distributed on Aug 20, 2016

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Investigate the times of progress Ken Roczen has had amid his chance in America, all paving the way to his most recent title as the 2016 AMA 450 Pro Motocross Champion.

Did he know every one of those years prior? The motocross enormity that anticipated him? Unmistakably, you must be cheerful for a kid wonder that capitalized on his grand abilities.

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