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GEICO Honda’s Justin Bogle starts his 250SX title defense this weekend at the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross 250SX East Region opener in Arlington. Just recently, Justin took a seat with Costs Disney for a quick chat.

Racer: Justin, you started last period returning from a significant back injury. Are you healthy going to the beginning of the East Coast?
Justin Bogle: Well, I am as healthy and balanced as you can be in this sporting activity. Everybody has problems they are managing, so as long as I go to the gate I am healthy and balanced.

Arlington will be the start of your title protection; does that large # 1 on your bike trigger you to really feel any extra stress?
As far as the stress goes, I invite that. I thrive on it. It makes me better. That # 1 plate does not add any more stress than I currently put on my self annually. My objective is the same and also I do not function as difficult as I do to not be up front.

The East Coastline is most definitely a stacked class once again this year. Who do you see as your hardest rival?
Like you stated, the class is stacked, however, it is piled each year. My objective is to follow the procedure set out for me as well as not stress and anxiety on the others. There are greater than a handful of guys that can be up front, so I will certainly focus just on what I can regulate.

Your old riding friend from Muskogee, Colt Nichols will certainly be making his supercross debut in Arlington. Just what are your thoughts on that?
I am actually pumped for him. Colt and I are really good friends, we matured auto racing versus each other, pushing each other to the next higher degree, so I am curious to see exactly how he does since we are both specialists.