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More trouble discovered MX2 points leader Jeffrey Herlings on Sunday at the MXGP of Sweden. Herlings entered the round simply 2 weeks eliminated from surgical treatment to repair a damaged right collarbone sustained at the MXGP of Germany when an attempted scrub went awfully wrong, releasing Herlings over the handlebars.

Adhering to a win in the first moto on Sunday, Herlings collapsed at the beginning of the second moto. Herlings remounted swiftly and appeared to be rejoining the race previously overlooking and recognizing his left pinkie finger had been significantly disjointed and damaged skin was slowing down to the bone.

Racer X European contributor Adam Wheeler reported today that Herlings had the finger straightened out and also had stitches placed last night at a neighborhood healthcare facility and was “lucky to get away a fracture as well as significant nerve damages.”

Inning accordance with Wheeler, there has been no decision on Herlings’ standing for the MXGP of Latvia this weekend. Tim Gajser went on to assert the general on Sunday, as well as currently trails Herlings by 78 points.

Herlings posted a picture of his finger to his Instagram account the other day. Warning: The picture is graphics.