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BTOSports KTM’s Justin Brayton is an additional of the many motorcyclists to switch groups this off-season and currently looked comfy on his new horse at Red Bull’s Straight Rhythm recently. Justin is clearly pumped regarding this brand-new possibility but is most delighted regarding getting away from Jason Weigandt and his uncomfortable remaining and tracking while being based in Charlotte. We entirely understand, Justin.

JGR’s Weston Peick is a true American success story and certainly verified that outcomes will still open up outstanding possibilities in this sport. Weston has actually had the ability to ascend up through the ranks the last two years and earned another sought-after flight on the JGR Yamaha group for 2015. He would have done donuts in one of Joe Gibbs’ race vehicles like Barcia lately did for their group video clip, however, Weston’s lumberjack/MMA fighter physique merely couldn’t fit via the window opening. They’re just going to have to cut the roofing system from one for the following shoot.

Jason Weigandt listened to Justin Brayton got on the show tonight and urged he ‘d be on the guest-list too. This doesn’t violate the conditions of the restraining order so we’ll enable it. Hopefully, we could discuss pertinent racing topics yet in some way I question it.

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