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Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Jason Anderson won his Husqvarna make a big appearance in Stockholm, Sweden, at the 24MX Supercross throughout the end of the week. The 2014 250SX West Region champion scored the prevail upon kindred Americans Mike Alessi, Phil Nicoletti, Josh Hill and Shane McElrath.

Anderson additionally meet with organization authorities on his trek and went to the Husqvarna exhibition hall. “That was truly cool,” Anderson said in a public statement. “At that point we traveled down here for a decent night of dashing. I figured out how to get the holeshot in the principle and after that I simply endeavored to ride an oversight free race. I was eager to have the capacity to race the Husky here in Sweden and to complete it. I believe we’re in a really decent spot and I felt great throughout the day.”

Results 24MX Supercross

Stockholm, Sweden

1. Jason Anderson, USA Husqvarna

2. Mike Alessi, USA, Suzuki

3. Phil Nicoletti, USA, Yamaha

4. Josh Hill, USA Kawasaki

5. Shane McElrath, USA KTM

6. Fabien Izoird FRA

7. Jake Canada USA

8. Jack Brunell ENG

9. Loic Rombaut FRA

10. Toni Eriksson FIN

11. Preston Mull USA

12. Erki Kahro EST

13. Pritt Ratsep EST

14. Ronnie Stewart USA

15. Colton Aeck USA

16. Jeffrey Meurs NL

17. Matteo Bonini ITA

18. Marcus-lee Soper ENG

19. Angelo Pellegrini ITA

20. Ludvig Soderberg FIN