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James Stewart’s return to the Monster Energy Cup on Saturday didn’t go to plan, as the Yoshimura Suzuki rider, and 2013 event winner, crashed on the first lap of the first main event trying to avoid a downed Trey Canard. He finished the event but then pulled out of the race for the rest of the night due to a wrist injury suffered earlier.

” The day didn’t go how I planned,” Stewart said in a press release today. “In practice, I over-jumped this tabletop and jammed my wrist. It was super sore, but I just kind of rode through it. Then in the first lap of the main event I almost got landed on, the track was so muddy guys were going everywhere. I think it was Trey who fell and when I went in there I saw him and hit the brakes and went down myself.

” I got up and then ended up casing the rhythm section and jammed my wrist again. The guys could see I was just struggling out there. I didn’t want to pull off so I just kept riding thinking maybe it would get better, but it just got worse. I came back in and we talked it over and I decided to pull back and let the wrist heal.”

We talked to a source at the Yoshimura Suzuki team today and it doesn’t appear that the wrist injury is that serious, and it shouldn’t prevent James from participating in scheduled off-season events like Lille in France or the Australian SX Open, both in November. He’s expected to take a few days off and then resume riding and testing later this week.

We’ll update if anything changes.