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James Stewart has discharged data on his lower leg damage and there is uplifting news and terrible news. The uplifting news: James didn’t break anything and is required to be prepared for the Creature Vitality Supercross season opener in Anaheim on January 9.

The awful news (particularly for fans in Australia): He will miss this present end of the week’s AUS-X Open occurring in Sydney. James said after every one of the tests, there is some “entirely great harm,” which will compel him to miss this end of the week.

The following is James’ announcement he discharged from his Instagram account today:

” Hello folks, simply need to keep all of you tuned in. As you likely all know, I went down in Paris and hurt my lower leg a week or so prior. Nothing is broken except for there’s some really great harm and after every one of the tests the specialist reveals to me I have a ton of work and recovery to experience with a specific end goal to make the door at A1. Obviously, I’m pretty crushed … it appears my lone fortunes has been the misfortune of late. I’m freeloaded in light of the fact that the exact opposite thing I need to do is let down the fans, particularly all of you in Australia. Again I’m genuinely sad and wish I would be wise to news for every one of us. I truly welcome the greater part of your help.”

As we announced before today, Cooper Webb and Ricky Carmichael will travel to Australia this week to race the occasion. Carmichael will go up against Chad Reed in a no holds barred race.