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James Stewart Injury

On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, James Stewart was at the Paris/Lillie Supercross and didn’t have the night he wanted. Look at the most recent data from JS7 himself:

From RacerX>>

It shows up we should hold up a couple of more days on an official finding on James Stewart’s damage maintained a weekend ago at the Bercy-Lille Supercross race in Lille, France.

Stewart went down in a corner on the principal night of dashing and must be helped off the track with a lower leg damage. He didn’t race the second night.

The previous evening, he discharged an announcement on Instagram, saying they were all the while tending to comes about.

“Intense end of the week yet I enjoyed my opportunity with the incredibly boisterous French group. As dependably they demonstrated me distraught love and helluve mooched my night finished that way. Sitting tight for comes about on my lower leg so I trust things aren’t as terrible as they feel now.”

What are your contemplations on James Stewart and his damage? Tell us in the remarks beneath and give us your expectation on where JS7 will complete come Anaheim 1.