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My how the criteria have actually changed. There was a time when the U.S. World Group Prize effort had no chance of winning the International 6 Days Enduro, so a solid total placement by just one American cyclist– like Rodney Smith or Kurt Caselli fighting at the front– was something to obtain excited around. This year, however, the Yanks really felt all set to win the team event outright, and the squad led general on the first day.

The calamity has given that struck in nearly every direction. Kailub Russell collapsed out as well as Taylor Robert was DQ would certainly on the very same day, and also now Thad Duvall’s engine has run out, so the team has literally no chance of winning.

However …

Through all of it, former supercross and motocross star Ryan Sipes has been battling for the total individual lead on his Rockstar/Airgroup Husqvarna, and with five days complete, he holds a twenty-second lead over Australia’s Daniel Milner. Twenty secs is a significant lead for Sipes, because tomorrow’s day six is a very short event with just one unique examination, and it’s his specialized: a motocross moto. And also Sipes is still darned quick on a motocross track. Sipes should stay clear of catastrophe on the transfer route to the moto track and after that not shed twenty secs on the moto track to Milner (or fifty secs to third area Frenchman Loic Larrieu), and also he could (we’re not saying the word will, for jinxing purpose) come to be the very first American cyclist to ever win the specific ISDE in general.

This is a team event as well as the huge party goes to the winning team, which is most likely to be Australia for the first time. Excellent on ya’ friends. Still, Sipes’ achievement will certainly be definitely huge if he can hang on. So, throwing impartiality to the side for a moment, let us just say, “Go Ryan Sipes!”