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Rockstar Caffeinated Drink and Husqvarna have reported a long haul worldwide association that will see the greater part of Husqvarna’s legitimate race groups named Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Manufacturing plant Hustling.

” Adjusting all of Husqvarna Bikes’ overall manufacturing plant hustling exercises with Rockstar Caffeinated Drink guarantees a universally strong way to deal with the greater part of our dashing exercises,” said Husqvarna VP Robert Jonas. “Everybody inside Husqvarna Motorsports has worked greatly hard to re-build up Husqvarna as a triumphant brand, and inside the greater part of our groups, we have riders at the exceptionally best of their orders, all searching for achievement in 2016 and past. We’re anticipating a solid, pleasant and positive association with Rockstar Caffeinated Drink.”

” In a world that is so associated, the time was on the right track to separate outskirts and make one, a worldwide power in dashing with Husqvarna,” said Michael Kelso, advertising chief at Rockstar Vitality. “We have a solid group and are anticipating cooperating to achieve the best in 2016 and past.”

Here is a rundown of groups and riders that will fall under the Rockstar Vitality Husqvarna Manufacturing plant Hustling title:

MOTOCROSS Big showdown

Max Nagl, Christophe Charlier, Max Anstie, Thomas Covington


Christophe Pourcel, Jason Anderson, Martin Davalos, Zach Osborne

ENDURO Big showdown, Outrageous ENDURO and SUPER ENDURO

Mathias Bellino, Danny McCanney, Pascal Rauchenecker, Josep Garcia, Graham Jarvis, Mario Roman

US Rough terrain and ENDUROCROSS

Jacob Argubright, Andrew Delong, Josh Strang, Mike Dark colored, Colton Haaker

DAKAR RALLY and Crosscountry Arouses Big showdown

Ruben Faria, Pablo Quintanilla, Pierre-Alexandre Renet