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Public statement

The Hungarian Motorcycle Sports Federation gathered the Hungarian Team for the Motocross of Nations. Under the initiative of Norbert Nagy (group administrator), Kornél Nemeth, Balázs Deczi, and Bence Szvoboda will speak to the little East-Central European nation in Kegums.


Possibly you recollect Team Hungary from a year ago. The group that was bolstered by their fans. The group that had a solid media crusade. The group that exclusive have ability, determination and conviction. Here they are once more! New year, new race, new group, new expectation, new purposes and another opportunity to fit the bill to the A-last.

Kornél NÉMETH (#82 – MX1) – Nemo the commander

Cory is a living legend for his country. He is the main Hungarian rider(!) who has ever won big showdown warm (MX3, 2004 Romania)! At present he is remaining on the primary spot of the national title. There was no doubt for the alliance, who might be the best rider in MX1 class to speak to Hungary. This will be the seventh time participation for him in the national group.

Déczi Balázs (#83 – MX2) – Balu the speeding star

Balu brought radiance for Hungary a few times. In 2009 he was dashing in a similar classification at the MXoN in Franciacorta.

Szvoboda Bence (#84 – Open) – Bence the taking off star

A year ago Bence was the most succesful Hungarian rider of the group. The seven-time Hungarian Champion has as of now pick up triumph for his country in worldwide races, despite the fact that he is only 22.

The three riders are every one of the individuals from a similar Hungarian Team. HTS KTM Team participates overwhelmingly in Hungarian motocross existence with the hardest riders. They contribute a great deal of cash, time, vitality and industrious work in the group.

Participating at the MXoN has significance for the riders and the group, as well as for the fans as well. In a nation where specialized games are not that well known, motocross has around 5000 fans from the number of inhabitants in 10 million. MXoN implies a considerable measure for the country’s mx-sweethearts! This is a beam of seek after Hungary to locate the new age of the MX fans.

This year has chronicled essentialness for MXoN Team Hungary. At the first of August Mr. György Kökényesi (Honor Member of FIM Europe), the engine sports symbol of Hungary left this world. Tribute to his oeuvre, the MXoN 2014 Team Hungary will do their best to proceed what Köki has improved the situation the Hungarian engine wear.