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Hookit Rider Of The Week Nathan Abbott

BTO Hookit Rider for 04-19-2017

With regards to little rippers that tear on the track, Nathan Abbott from Thousand Oaks, CA is one of the best riders in his class. From tearing up the TWMX Racing arrangement in Southern California, to the LL qualifiers, he is at the front of the field. His energy for hustling appears on the other side and it is the reason he is the current week’s Hookit rider of the week!

nathan abbott zaca station

Nathan skying it at his most loved track Zaca Station!

Nathan is one of our best entertainers in our Hookit program and he epitomizes what we search for in rider’s to speak to BTO Sports. We are pleased to have him on our program for 2017.

Read beneath to perceive what drives Nathan to exceed expectations on his KTM 65SX!

You can take after Nathan Abbott’s Hookit Profile: CLICK HERE

Name: Nathan Abbott

Age: 10

Main residence: Thousand Oaks, Ca

Number: 334

Class(s): 65 stock (10-11) 65 Mod (10-11) and 65 open (7-11)

To begin with Race: Motocross Kids January 2011

Age you began riding: Riding at 3 and dashing at 4

Motocross symbol: Ryan Villopoto

Why are you energetic about riding a cruiser? I adore riding my bicycle since I appreciate investing quality energy with my father and my companions. I want to race and particularly adore the races we need to head out far to. I have objectives and dreams I need to accomplish and I cherish putting the work in to end up plainly better ordinary.

Best Finishes in 2017:

Street to Mammoth 2/18 at LACR fifth general 65 (10-11) and fifth general 65 Open

Loretta Lynn Area Quail (MID) 3/18 at 333 Land fifth general 65 (10-11) third (open)

Loretta Lynn Area Quail (twofold quail) at Glen Helen third general 65 (10-11) fourth by and large (open)

TWMX El Dordo at Cahuilla Creek first general 65 (9-11) and first general 65 (open)