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WORTHAM, Texas – The second round of the Ladies’ Motocross Title (WMX) occurred this past Saturday, Walk 19 at the famous Freestone Raceway in Wortham, Texas. In the wake of missing the opening round of the arrangement because of damage, Hannah Hodges got a touch of reclamation by asserting the general win at the second round of the arrangement.

Hodges handed over a flawless 1-1 score at Freestone, winning both motos on the way to her general win. In any case, the two races couldn’t have been more extraordinary.

In moto one, the Group Green Kawasaki rider worked her way to the front from the last place in the wake of crashing into another rider off the begin. In moto two, Hodges got the holeshot and drove the whole separation of the race.

” It feels great to get the win after not having the capacity to ride at Daytona,” said Hodges. “The win gives me certainty for whatever is left of the season. I got a decent bounce in the primary motor, yet another rider came over on me and hit my grip and I was last going into the main turn. I simply put my head down after that and began picking off riders.”

While Hodges was making her rushed to the front, Daytona victor and ruling champion Kylie Fasnacht was mounting her very own charge. Notwithstanding, the Group Green Kawasaki rider was as a matter of fact having her issues.

” I sort of battled with the track a bit,” said Fasnacht. “I continued blowing through my line in the turns, and that backed me off a bit.”

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In the primary moto Fasnacht in the long run moved into second place late in the race and even tested Hodges for the lead on the last lap, yet was not able make a pass.

Toward the complete, Hodges was first to see the checkers took after nearly by Fasnacht, while Cycle Broker supported Melissa Markelon, Obermeyer Suzuki’s Mackenzie Tricker, and JM Dashing KTM’s Liquor Richards adjusted the main five.

” I attempted two or three times on that last lap to get around Hodges, however, committing little errors and I inevitably came up short on time,” said Fasnacht. “I figure I should be all the more consistent on my throttle.”

In moto two, Hodges made a new beginning and stood out into the opening lap of the race, where she would wind up driving each lap. In the interim, Fasnacht was around 6th toward the finish of lap one, and spent a large portion of the race endeavoring to get around a furious fight for second amongst Tricker and Markelon.

” Those two were one next to the other for the greater part of the race, which made it difficult to pass,” said Fasnacht. “It required me a touch of investment, however I at long last got around Tricker first and afterward I got Markelon.”

As she did in the principal moto, once Fasnacht got into second she set out after Hodges, yet indeed she came up short on time.

Hodges by and by brought the win with Fasnacht in second, trailed by Tricker, Markelon and Dunn and Stone/Fly/Scott/Cycle Shack North Yamaha rider Kaitlyn Morrow.

” Freestone was a decent race for me,” said Hodges. “I was extremely anticipating dashing at Daytona however I needed to sit that one out until the point when the specialists cleared me, and I wasn’t even certain I would have the capacity to race in Texas, so it regarded get that win added to my repertoire.”

The general outcomes mirrored the second moto comes about, with Hodges in the first place, trailed by Fasnacht, Markelon, Tricker, and Morrow.

The 10-round WMX arrangement moves toward the west drift for the third round of the California Exemplary at Pala Raceway in San Diego, California on April 9.

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1. Hannah Hodges (Kaw).

2. Kylie Fasnacht (Kaw).

3. Marissa Markelon (Yam).

4. Mackenzie Tricker (Suz).

5. Kaitlyn Morrow (Yam).

6. Eve Brodeur (KTM).

7. Shelby Rolen (Kaw).

8. Amanda Dark colored (Kaw).

9. Brittany Gagne (Yam).

10. Lauren Woods (Hon).