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The Lucas Oil Motocross Championship race at High Point in Mt. Morris Pennsylvania was epic. The track looked so gnarly and I couldn’t envision endeavoring to race on it. The dashing was extraordinary throughout the day and obviously, had its high points and low points. The season has tossed us curveballs throughout the entire season and did as such again at High Point. Tomac and Musquin battled in the main moto though Josh concedes, Dean Ferris, and Blake Baggett all had incredible rides. Tomac had no reason, yet Marvin Musquin is evidently riding with a torn meniscus. Albeit battling through damage, Musquin went ahead to complete the best 20 to rescue a couple of focuses.


The First moto for the 250 class began with Jeremy Martin getting the holeshot. Before long, all the best riders were engaging for first. Following J-M workmanship was Aaron Plessinger and Zach Osborne. Behind them, Hampshire, Cianciarulo, Cantrell, and Savatgy were all engaging in the main ten positions. It didn’t take ache for the main three to pull away and begin influencing clashes of their to possess.

High Point Race Report

Jeremy Martin flying into first generally speaking at High Point. PC: Transworld MX

Zach Osborne has had the declining twofold segment on the bolt. He made the greater part of his goes there, including the pass on J-Mart for the lead. After this, Osborne looked at and went ahead to take the win. It was a genuinely straightforward first moto for the best sprinters. Dylan Ferrandis ended up in the main 5 again as he completed fourth in Moto 1. The riders were exceptionally spread out once the checkered banner was waving, yet at the same time an awesome moto! Balancing the main 5 was Adam Cianciarulo.

250 MOTO 2

Moto 2 wasn’t very different. Rather than Jeremy Martin getting the holeshot, it was his sibling A-Mart. They had an awesome fight together and had a beautiful minute as they were next to each other noticeable all around finished the enormous triple in the back. Jeremy Martin made the pass and fled with the lead and the moto win. It was another straightforward race for the 250 classes. Aaron Plessinger was behind them in running in third, however, before he knew it Osborne was on his tail.

High Point Race Report

Ferrandis with a strong 4-4 for fourth by and large. Would we be able to hope to see this all through the season? PC: Transworld MX

Alex Martin blurred back to fifth while Osborne charged from the back. He has that mid to late moto increase in vitality and can influence proceeds onward the track to like Michael Jackson did in front of an audience. Osborne got and passed Plessinger for Second and went ahead to take second in general. Same best 4 as moto one: Jeremy Martin, Osborne, Plessinger, and Ferrandis. Jeremy Martin got the general win, trailed by Zach-O, and Plessinger. Dylan Ferrandis got a strong fourth by and large on the day, and Alex Martin went 7-5 for fifth generally speaking. A strong day for these folks!


For the 450 class, it was an uneven ride for one of the Kawasaki riders. Eli Tomac snatched an incredible begin, yet lost the front wheel in the tough right-hander. An ungainly spot without a doubt and he attempted to remount the bicycle. In the interim, partner Josh Grant was out to an early lead and doing combating with Dean Ferris and Blake Baggett. Senior member Ferris restored the US in the wake of leaving for a long time to race in Australia. His first race since the SD Supercross in 2014 was educational! Ferris made the pass on Grant for the lead, yet the El Chupacabra noticed blood in the water.

High Point Race Report

Senior member Ferris created an impression in Moto 1 at High Point this end of the week! PC: Transworld MX

With Tomac outside the main 20, Bagget grabbed his chance to hit and fled with the Moto 1 Win. The main three spots were an unchangeable reality after Bagget made the go for the lead, yet the activity proceeded with additionally back. Tomac “shake and heated” the opposition as he sling-shotted his way into twelfth (Yes, that is a Talladega Knights reference for those inquisitive).

Marvin Musquin/Christian Craig

As I expressed before, Musquin is hurtin’ at the present time. A torn meniscus makes them support his left leg, yet he is still out there giving it his everything. A dangerous choice for the Red Bull KTM Team, yet considering he is the main rider under the tent right now and Musquin is currently second in focuses, they need to rescue any focuses they can to remain in the chase for the title. He began in the thirteenth and wound up intersection the end goal in sixteenth. It is not all that much, however, it is great considering for his damage.

High Point Race Report

A torn meniscus didn’t keep Marvin Musquin from dashing this end of the week. A Solid sixteenth complete for the French Rider. PC: Transworld MX

Remaining on the damage prepare, Christian Craig came back to the races this end of the week subsequent to having surgery only 3 weeks prior. He began the race in advance, however lamentably he was not able to complete the moto. Unfit to contend in the second moto, Craig and the HRC group are reconsidering their plans for outside.

450 MOTO 2

Moto 2 was what I was hoping to see in moto 1. In spite of the fact that Broc Tickle got the holeshot and the early lead, Jason Anderson and Eli Tomac were in that spot with him. Jason Anderson drove 3 of the 18 laps before an oversight enabled Tomac to pass him easily. Anderson street well throughout the day and could hang in advance for the whole moto. In the meantime, Bagget tossed down a portion of the quickest lap times of the moto, yet never passed Tomac.

High Point race report

Anderson railing the profound grooves at High Point Raceway. PC: Transworld MX

Some may state since he knew he as of now had the Overall, however in the event that you will talk the discussion you better walk the walk. Bagget made a few remarks before in the week and he ought to have sponsored them up. Tomac went ahead to win moto 2 by 20 seconds while Bagget, Anderson, and Broc Tickle won the general in the respective request. Jason Anderson is turning up the warmth this season and I am stirred to see him getting in the blend of this title fight. Consistency is critical and with a harmed Marvin Musquin, this might be his opportunity to strike! With everything taken into account, it was an incredible day at High Point for the fourth round of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship!

Tennessee Preview

One weekend from now the races travel south to Tennessee. It will be hot, damp, and wet as there are normal rain showers for Saturday. It will be a test for both the rider and the group to guarantee everything runs easily. It is difficult to accept anything, however, I will dependably put my cash on the individuals who have had late certainty supports and mental lucidity. We may see a comparative complete as Moto 2 of High Point!