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LAS VEGAS–American Motorcyclist Association Supercross rider Heath Voss bends his bike into a turn during qualifying for the final round of the 2008 Supercross championship in Las Vegas, May 3. Mr. Voss carries the Air Force logo on his bike, uniforms and transporter even though he receives no official sponsorship from the Air Force. The Air Force is a major sponsor of the Supercross series. (U.S. Air Force photo/Chief Master Sgt. Gary Emery)

Water fountain, FL.– Round two of the Motosport.com Arenacross Scenic Tour in Bowling Green, KY showcased a few of the fastest bikers in the southeast. Travis Sewell clenched the general win in the AX Lites Pro course for the 2nd weekend in a row, while Heath Harrison had the ability to win his initial AX Pro centerpiece in the 2015 season. Harrison scratched his second Clash for Money win of the season making it two in a row going into round three on December 6 in Batesville, MS.

With over sixty pro motorcyclist access, Health Harrison set the quick lap time of the day in timed certifying with an 18.97 in the AX Pro class. Travis Sewell established the fastest qualifying time in the AX Pro Lites course.

Logan Pfliederer had an early lead in warm one of the AX Pro Lites course. Luke VonLinger of Stanford, KY and also Travis Sewell reeled Pfliederer and also Sewell took the lead midway with the race. The moto was warning and cyclists were restarted in file start. Sewell maintained the lead with Dylan Walker and also Luke VonLinger in the top three. Josh Cartwright had a substantial lead on Steven Mages in second, with Scott Zont and also Christian Telker fighting for 3rd in warm 2.

In the AX Lites Pro centerpiece, Josh Cartwright got the jump on the pack as well as led Sewell and Wisdom with the initial turn. Travis Sewell swiftly relocated right into the leader position, while Knowledge and also Cartwright fought for 2nd. Cartwright moved right into 2nd after Knowledge dropped. Luke VonLinger made a charge to pass Cartwright and Walker to end up second behind Sewell. Dylan Pedestrian made the masquerade 3rd with Josh Cartwright and Christian Telker completing in the leading 5.

In the first heat race of the AX Pro class, Jared Lesher of Elderton, PA got the holeshot, with Steven Mages and also Travis Sewell in tow. Sewell passed both Mages and Lesher to take the win and go to the main. Josh Cartwright was able to lead all 10 laps of the 2nd warmth race. Alex Ray and Dylan Walker likewise secured spots generally. Heath Harrison was forced to the LCQ after problems in his warm race. Harrison and also Jud Wisdom secured the final transfer areas to the primary.

In the AX Pro centerpiece, Health Harrison made a solid charge from eviction decline to the checkered flag to take the win. Jared Lesher came through in 2nd and also kept that setting throughout the moto. Scott Zont, Travis Sewell, and also Josh Cartwright rounded out the top 5.

The Clash for Cash is always one of the most piled classes of the night, with top cyclists from the AX Pro and AX Pro Lites courses being combined into one gateway drop for the main feature of the night. Health Harrison grabbed a very early lead as well as showed his uniformity from round one still carried energy to win his second Clash for Money race of the period. Travis Sewell finished behind Harrison, and also Josh Cartwright took home his very first Clash for Money podium of the season.

AX Pro Lites Top Ten General:

1. Travis Sewell, KTM

2. Luke VonLinger, HON.

3. Dylan Pedestrian, YAM.

4. Josh Cartwright, YAM.

5. Christian Telker, YAM.

6. Scott Zont, KTM.

7. Cody Vanbuskirk, KTM.

8. Kyle White, HON.

9. Michael Smith, KAW.

10. Randy Woodring, KAW.

AX Pro Top 10 General:

1. Health Harrison, KAW.

2. Jared Lesher, SUZ.

3. Scott Zont, KTM.

4. Travis Sewell, KTM.

5. Josh Cartwright, YAM.

6. Jud Knowledge, KAW.

7. Steven Mages, KAW.

8. Dylan Walker, YAM.

9. Austin Primavera, SUZ.

10. Kyle White, HON.

Clash For Cash Money Overall:.

1. Heath Harrison, KTM.

2. Travis Sewell, KTM.

3. Josh Cartwright, YAM.

4. Jared Lesher, SUZ.

5. Luke VonLinger, HON.

6. Scott Zont, KTM.

7. Randy Woodring, KAW.

8. Jud Knowledge, KAW.

9. Christian Telker, YAM.

10. Cody Vanbuskirk, KTM.