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Hangtown National Race Report For 2017


It was a rankling hot day at Prairie City state Park for the 49th Annual running of the Hangtown Pro MX National. The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season opener was an incredible approach to go through your Saturday with loved ones as the best motocross riders on the planet put on an epic show of hustling. In spite of the fact that there were high points and low points for the duration of the day, nobody (that I saw or have known about) got genuinely harmed.

2017 Hangtown National

In spite of getting his eye sewed up, Anderson completed sixth in moto 2 (Racer X)

Dylan Ferrandis sat out the second moto from his crash in moto 1. He looked somewhat stunned as he got up and strolled to his bicycle. It was obscure at the time, however, when he didn’t arrange for the second moto I expected he had a blackout. The status of his entrance for Glen Helen one weekend from now is obscure, ideally, we get the opportunity to see him line up with whatever is left of the field.


For the 250 class, it was all Zach Osborne as he went 1-1 for the day taking the general and the focuses lead. Zach wasn’t too far back in the pack come the principal turn, yet everyone’s eyes were on Adam Cianciarulo and the new kid on the block Sean Cantrell. Cantrell stood his ground for the initial couple of laps close by Cianciarulo, however, the vets took control and drove him back. He could run the pace of them for a strong measure of laps, however, wound up intersection the end goal in tenth. A best ten complete for your first since the forever professional race is an awesome approach to become famous.

2017 Hangtown national

Cycle 1 is in the books for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.(Racer X//Simon Cudby)

Zach Osborne advanced toward the front and made fast work of Cianciarulo part of the way through moto 1. They had a decent pace going and they were basically uncatchable. To give you a reference, Zach was 5 seconds in front of Cianciarulo when they completed and 14 seconds in front of Plessinger who came in third. An outright control on Osborne’s part demonstrated that he isn’t playing diversions. I think he is going out there this season to win another title. The mental quality and increase in assurance from his Supercross title make them tingle for additional.

Adam Cianciarulo made an incredible point on the platform as he was stating that he hasn’t come into the nationals at 100%, and he feels like it’s his opportunity to demonstrate what he is made of in the outside circuit. He has developed, he has the hard-working attitude, and he has a standout amongst other groups behind him to enable him to accomplish his objectives. All that it truly comes down to is remaining sound and getting great begins. His colleague Austin Forkner didn’t have the best first moto, yet a second place complete in moto 2 leveled him out to get fifth generally speaking.

2017 Hangtown National

Adam Cianciarulo, Sean Cantrell, and Zach Osborne at Hangtown 2017 (Racer X//Simon Cudby)


A major disillusionment and a shocking approach to kick of the mid-year races is by having mechanical issues. Jeremy Martin and his Geico Honda group experienced only that. In the meeting on the platform after moto 2, Martin said that it was electric glitches that slaughtered the bicycle and he couldn’t get it up and be running once more. An extremely sad DNF for J-Mart and his squad, yet they ricocheted back in moto 2 for a third place complete to take eleventh by and large. The two-time reigning champ demonstrated his speed on a motocross track and in the event that he can show signs of improvement around the begin, we will have the capacity to see awesome dashing amongst him and Osborne.

2017 Hangtown National

Jeremy Martin seeks after a superior first moto at Glen Helen (Racer X//Simon Cudby)

For making their first Pro Motocross make a big appearance the new kids on the block didn’t complete in an eye-popping style, however, they didn’t get decimated by the field either. McAdoo completed sixteenth generally speaking, Mosiman completed fourteenth by and large, and Cantrell completed twelfth by and large.


In the 450 Class, many individuals imagined that Eli Tomac would flee with the show. This was the situation, yet few out of every odd match of eyes was concentrate on the green #3. The entryway dropped for the main moto of the 450 Pro Motocross arrangement and it was the 48 of Christian Craig who snatched the holeshot. Despite the fact that he was in advance, a low speed crash set him back into eleventh. He battled go down to ninth and was fighting with Justin Bogle for the eighth place position, however came up short on time to influence the go to stick.

2017 Hangtown National

1-1 is exactly what the Doctor requested for Eli Tomac (Transworld MX)

Marvin Musquin had the radiance as Tomac needed to work his way past 5 or so different riders. One rider who made a point this end of the week was Josh Grant! Allow had a photo idealize race essentially as he went 3-3 and snatched third generally speaking. He looked incredible throughout the day and got the holeshot in moto 2. He never extremely blurred either, Musquin and Tomac were clearly quicker and he let his partner by in a respectable manner.

Tomac substantiated himself as he made up those positions in what appeared like one turn, however it was more similar to 3-4. In any case, inside a few seconds, Tomac was directly behind Marvin Musquin and made fast work of him. Indeed, even the best are not impeccable now and again and we perceived how effortlessly these motocross tracks can reach up and getcha’. Tomac got free in the separating knocks and finished putting the front wheel stuck that hurled him on the ground. It was a minor slip-up and didn’t influence the result of the race. In spite of his little tip over, Tomac won with 15 seconds to save.

2017 Hangtown National

with second by and large, Musquin showers the fans with sticky bubbly suds (Racer X)


While Tomac and whatever remains of the field were out hustling, Jason Anderson was getting sewed up in the Alpinestars Medical trailer. We were not able see precisely what transpired, yet Barcia and Wilson were both to some degree required with the occurrence. Anderson had significantly better than his forgot eye and was for the rest of the race, clearly. He returned for moto two like a champ, and completed sixth giving him thirteenth by and large.

Returning from terrible wrist damage in the Supercross season, Weston Peick rode extremely well and kept up a reliable pace all through both motos. He began around eighth or ninth in moto 1 and ended up between Freddy Noren and Justin Barcia. Peick completed twelfth in Moto 1 and eleventh in moto 2 which gave him eleventh in general toward the day’s end. With everything taken into account, it was an awesome day of dashing out in eastern Sacramento, or Rancho Cordova to be more particular. Hangtown is dependably a group pleaser and we, the fans, get our first see of how the field stacks up.

2017 Hangtown National

Weston Peick Returns to the Races after overwhelming wrist damage


Glen Helen is Round 2 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship! It is difficult to state who will turn out with first in general, yet I trust we as a whole have a smart thought in the matter of who it may be. Beast Energy Kawasaki’s Josh Grant is going to searching for a superior general position as he tends to support the unpleasant, evil track of Glen Helen. From the crazy height changes to the Talladega turn, Glen Helen never neglects to furnish us with awesome dashing. Eli Tomac and Zach Osbrone will move into Southern California with certainty and endeavor to keep their triumphant streak alive while whatever remains of the field plans to back them off!