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Youthstream and Glen Helen Raceway have settled a two-year bargain that will see the California track have a series of the 2015 and 2016 FIM World Motocross Title and the 2017 FIM Motocross of Countries. It will be the first run through the Motocross of Countries has been hung on U.S. soil since the 2010 race at Lakewood, Colorado. Glen Helen beforehand held a Fabulous Prix in 2010 and 2011. Glen Helen will likewise have cycle 2 of the Lucas Oil Ace Motocross Title one year from now on May 23. The MXGP of USA will be hung on September 20.

The following is the official declaration from Youthstream.

FUNCHAL (Portugal) – Youthstream’s Leader, Giuseppe Luongo, and Leader of Glen Helen Raceway, Inc, Bud Feldkamp, met in Rome last Sunday to conclude the understanding for the association of the 2015 and 2016 Beast Vitality FIM MXGP of the USA and the 2017 Creature Vitality FIM Motocross of Countries in Glen Helen.

Following 4 years MXGP will come back to US soil and to a standout amongst the most esteemed tracks on the planet; Glen Helen will be the facilitating setting of the last MXGP occasion of the season on the twentieth September 2015.

As indicated by Bud Feldkamp, Leader of Glen Helen Raceway, Inc.:’ With another chance to by and by have a USGP and work with Giuseppe, Glen Helen will accomplish something that I don’t think some other motocross track has ever had the benefit of doing … facilitating both a US MX national and USGP occasion around the same time. Organizing these two occasions with the US MX national happening in May and after that, the FIM USGP having its last round in September was essential to making this a plausibility for Glen Helen. It additionally made it workable for other American based experts to contend in the last round of the FIM big showdown arrangement. At that point, when you include the way that there is a shot for Ryan Villopoto, a 3-time US MX National Champion, to end up noticeably the principal US rider in right around 33 years to secure a world MXGP title and to do as such on American soil, this occasion turns out to be significantly all the more energizing. I anticipate the possibility for our devoted group of Glen Helen staff to welcome the world to what I accept is the best track and fan base in motocross and I am sure we will all be prepared. I likewise advised Giuseppe to ensure that he packs the World Container Trophy in his baggage since I am sure that an American will return it to its legitimate home on American soil at Glen Helen.’

‘ Cooperating with Bud and all his staff at Glen Helen is constantly such an awesome delight,’ Giuseppe Luongo stated, ‘We know each other now since quite a while and we have effectively sorted out together the US GP in 2010 and 2011. Since that time MXGP has kept on developing and with Ryan Villopoto’s landing in the MXGP class we trust it’s the ideal minute to come back to the USA with an occasion. The 2015 and 2016 Beast Vitality FIM MXGP of USA will be the ideal arrangement for the Creature Vitality FIM MXoN in 2017 at Glen Helen. With regards to globalization, it’s essential for MXGP to be in the USA, the greatest market on the planet and the nation with the most triumphs in the MXoN. A considerable lot of the Big showdown’s accomplices are from the USA: Creature Vitality, CBS Games System, Go Genius, Parts Boundless, THOR, and FOX. American fans will most likely appreciate finding in their nation of origin an occasion with the nearness of the quickest world and American riders which is exceptional to the point that it must be contrasted with the MXoN.’