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Galfer Knows Brakes.

Galfer has changed the amusement with their protected new Tsunami MX Oversize Rotor Kits. New off the sequential construction system, these units are accessible right now @ BTO SPORTS! The new Tsunami® Wave® rotors are the advancement of Galfer’s outstanding Wave® innovation.

As a matter of first importance, their cutting edge configuration is totally opened from the through and through. Furthermore, they are both corner to corner and contradicted, for significantly more noteworthy trailing and driving edge execution. Moreover, Extensive brake dyno testing and “genuine living” hustling tests demonstrate stunning outcomes!


You need execution? At that point you have the correct Brake organization! These are exceptional 270mm oversize measurement and Galfer’s 1396 HH Ceramic Composite brake cushions. They take into consideration fast and dynamic brake feel with awesome cooling qualities. Additionally, they are perfect for courses that would bubble brake liquid in a matter of laps. Tsunami® rotors are intended to convey extraordinary brake execution under substantial warmth loads. Since beforehand these packs were accessible for top manufacturing plant race groups, they were pined for. In any case, now they can be YOURS! What’s more, they’ve never been simpler to get.

The pack likewise incorporates a migrating section for every particular application. Accessible for Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and KTM models.

Galfer Tsunami MX Oversize Rotor Kit

tidal wave

Presently for the “Spec Sheet”:


Thus, more established outlines were restricted. However Galfer’s new outline takes into consideration significantly more! Trailing and driving edge execution by having the rotor sharp edge totally opened from the best to the base corner to corner… And in inverse headings.

270mm Oversize measurement and Galfer’s 1054 carbon semi-metallic brake cushions take into consideration quick and progessive brake feel with extraordinary cooling attributes.

These rotors are perfect for courses that would bubble brake liquid in a matter of laps. Furthermore, they look incredible!

Tidal wave rotors are intended to convey outrageous brake execution under overwhelming warmth conditions. While you take the checkered banner.

Since Galfer Gets It.

Front and back rotors. From standard to the race prepared. Tidal wave Superlight oversize rotor packs with caliper movement sections. Galfer has the rotor that will work best for you!

While Galfer rotors come in strong mount or full skimming to guarantee ideal brake cushion to-rotor contact. Each excellent, Galfer-protected Wave® rotor is produced using an exclusive blend. Virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), twofold plate parallel ground to guarantee idealize parallel evenness. Additionally, they’re warm treated to every particular application. In this way, they are KBA and TUV endorsed! And furthermore flawlessly supplant stock rotor. Finally, full guidelines gave along any specialized help required!

Race group verified, all rotors are accuracy made in the Galfer manufacturing plant in Spain. However we transport them all over the place.