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Ever Wanted to “Trick Out” an Old Dirt Bike?

In scene 1 of the new ‘Day in the Dirt’ arrangement, Aaron Colton goes up against one he had always wanted Re-Building a soil bicycle. furthermore, an extraordinary earth bicycle… a 2006 YZ 125.

In his famous “Carport 93”, Colton separates it and reconstructs a flat out motocross beast! When you see the finished YZ 125, you’ll need to tie on the motocross cap and hit the track on this rad soil bicycle.

Enough jabber! How about we do this thing:

Aaron Colton Transforms an Old 2006 Yamaha YZ125 Into an Immaculate Race Bike | Day in the Dirt Ep 1 – YouTube

Distributed on Dec 7, 2016

► Watch Aaron tear on a sportbike!

Aaron Colton is a flat-out awful buddy on a bike. The globetrotting double can get things done on two wheels, or one wheel so far as that is concerned, that most just dream about.

Building and keeping up his armada of bicycles in Garage 93, the all out race shop joined to his home, Colton has manufactured a strong notoriety for the epic forms he’s created in the course of the most recent couple of years.

During the current year’s Red Bull Day in The Dirt, he chose the time had come to manufacture and race the soil bicycle he envisioned about as a child. What’s more, that bicycle? Normally, a 2006 YZ125. Take after Colton into Garage 93 for Episode 1, as he bets everything on his two-stroke dream construct. At long last, observe how quick he gets it dialed in for the Fastest Party nearby.

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