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Jeff Emig isn’t really just a badass because he won 3 motocross champions, one supercross title, as well as happily represented us on six MXdN’s teams. No, the ageless Rob Lowe of our sports continuously secures out the badass meter for his payments on a number of levels given that retiring. We constantly appreciate his insight and also point of view from the TELEVISION booth side of things and wanted to obtain his ideas on the promptly coming close to SX period with the myriad of brand-new stories.

Star Competing Yamaha’s Cooper Webb really opened some eyes in 2014 as well as wants to proceed that energy right into 2015. He had a rather busy off-season, including a journey to race the last Japanese MX nationwide, and we intended to catch up regarding that and also whatever else is taking place worldwide of Cage. David Pingree has actually been away from the sporting activity momentarily seeking his other professional occupation course, however, he’s lastly available to release the backlog of Ping-isms and also salted observations that he’s understood for mentioning. There is a bunch to cover tonight as well as we make certain he will not disappoint.

We’re proud to prompt Troy Lee Styles right here at DMXS Radio. You understand how much we have actually always admired and also valued Troy’s payments as well as the forward-thinking vision of our sport, and we’re excited and happy to be connected with their entire staff! DMXS Radio many thanks to our wives, Troy Lee Layouts, Moto Empire, SCOTT, Tone of Gray, Racer X, MX Sports, DUBYA Tires, GoPro Cameras, OGIO, Concept2Rowers, Train Robb Beams, Vurbmoto, Skull Candy, as well as Stellar MX Graphics for their ongoing assistance! Thanks!

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