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Dungey vs. Stewart vs. Roczen: Who You Got?

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2016 is teeing up a skirmish of amazing magnitude among the game’s most prominent. Dungey, Bubba and Roczen will all be close by and none of them needs to leave this occasion with next to nothing.

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The most one of a kind race in motocross is back. Racers everywhere throughout the world grew up with their fathers pounding into their heads with one mantra: “Bounce for appear, corner for mixture.” Speed and preferred standpoint on a typical motocross track is picked up in turns. All things considered, sad Dad, yet not at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. It’s one moment of straight-up Supercross, and it’s wonderful. Be that as it may, Straight Rhythm is more than a full dash — anybody can hold the throttle completely open for a moment straight (play on words expected). Accomplishment at Straight Rhythm requires as much exactness as it does hard and fast speed; actually landing one foot long or short on the wrong bounce can spell fiasco for riders on this track. It is the fastest race in the game, and in this manner the most unforgiving.

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2015 Supercross Race Pomona

Just a single man has ever asserted triumph in the Open class at Straight Rhythm, and you shouldn’t require anybody to help you to remember the name. This occasion has James Stewart composed on top of it. A race that must be won with culminate exactness, touchy speed and only some additional over the best riders on the planet? Go to a different universe, one where they’ve never known about Red Bull Straight Rhythm, and depict that occasion, and the reaction you will get will be “James Stewart must smash that.

James Stewart © Chris Tedesco

Straight Rhythm returns on Oct. 22 to Pomona. As riders get themselves straightened out, and we show signs of improvement picture of who will endeavor to oust Stewart, the hypothesis picks up force. Is a Stewart three-peat likely to work out? Riders like Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen may have a remark. Each is falling off of a title year — Dungey in AMA Supercross, and Roczen in AMA Pro Motocross—while Stewart has battled all through 2016, not once remaining over the platform in the general season races.

Ken Roczen contends at Red Bull Straight Rhythm at Fairplex at Pomona in Pomona, California, USA on 10 October 2015.Ken Roczen getting sideways at Straight Rhythm © Garth Mila

The breeze is in Roczen’s sails — he won 20 of 24 motos in the AMA Pro Motocross arrangement, which is the most predominant season since Stewart’s ideal 24-in-24 2008 title run. In any case, Roczen simply reported his turn from the natural Suzuki to Honda, a bicycle that he has never hustled. Honda is an unbelievably solid group, so the change torments for Roczen will probably be insignificant, however once more, Straight Rhythm requires correct exactness, and it’s to a great degree likely that Roczen’s CRF450 will require over a month of testing to get to whatever enchanted setting that he had on his Suzuki.

Dungey and Stewart go head to head at Straight Rhythm © Chris Tedesco

At last-

At that point there’s Dungey. Clearly, Straight Rhythm is significantly more much the same as Supercross than motocross, and Dungey smashed Supercross in 2016. He podiumed everything except one race through the entire arrangement on the way to his second SX title. Dungey is additionally the main rider to beat Stewart in a solitary race at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Truly! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! In 17 races at Straight Rhythm through 2014 and 2015, Stewart has just lost once.

Yet, what’s likely for 2016? It’s impossible to say. As the enormous players start anticipating 2017, many will look to offseason races like Straight Rhythm to start to deal with things. As we’ve built up, Straight Rhythm requires the riders’ A diversion. What’s more, between Stewart, Roczen and Dungey, the gauge of rivalry is almost difficult to coordinate.

Credit: Red Bull


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