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Cody Webb & Taylor Robert Turn a Ski Hill into their own, personal Moto Paradise.

Cody Webb and Taylor Robert release some epic riding at the exemplary Donner Ski Ranch in Lake Tahoe. Extraordinary video to begin your week-appreciate it!

Cody Webb and Taylor Robert can do foolish, staggering things on bikes. Their capacities to control each bit of the bike is similar to the authority of Mozart or Beethoven — from the suspension to the throttle to the grasp to everything in the middle of, Webb and Robert ride in an ensemble of bicycle ability that is totally lost to the normal watcher, since they influence it to look so natural.

To legitimately show that capacity, Webb and Robert took to the exposed slants of Donner Ski Ranch at Donner Pass in California, only a brisk trip from the famous Lake Tahoe. Settled in the Sierra Nevada mountain extend, Donner gave the canvas to the hard enduro creativity that was to occur. “It’s each dirtbiker’s fantasy to go out and investigate new domains,” says Webb. “A considerable lot of these regions we wish to ride are totally untouchable to any kind of mechanized fun. At the point when Red Bull moved toward us about shooting a freeride-type portion, Taylor and I were all in!”

It’s each dirtbiker’s fantasy to go out and investigate new domains.


Cody Webb and Taylor Robert stoppies on the rocks© Cameron Baird/Red Bull Pool


The issue with overcoming gigantic mountain includes on a bike is the way that a safeguard isn’t generally a choice. However mountain bikers snowboarders still, to some degree, have that safeguard choice. Moto riders detest a similar extravagance. A fall is for the most part on the wrong side of cataclysmic. However, that is the thing that makes hard enduro overwhelming hitters like Webb and Roberts so mind-boggling. Anything besides flawlessness can mean catastrophe, so they are normally great.

“Taylor and I were eager to do whatever it took so as to make the video epic,” Webb clarifies. “Not long into the principal day of shooting, Taylor took a gnarly spill and we later discovered that he broke his center finger. He rode like a creature the following more than two days, holding the agony under control just to influence a next-level to alter for everybody to appreciate.”

Cody Webb and Taylor Robert ride the Donner Pass connect

Riding the scaffold at Donner Pass© Cameron Baird/Red Bull Pool

While the world has never observed hard enduro in this light, as a venture that could simply live in the freeride motocross kind. Yet, the riders in plain view are of that 1 percent that can do the things that the other 99 percent actually dream about! Or maybe, the outcomes are completely epic.