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Be a Part of the Shift Army with the 2015 Gear Line

Accessible now at BTO Sports is the new 2015 rigging line from Shift MX. Presently you can get a similar apparatus that riders, for example, Chad Reed, Josh Hansen, Jeff Emig, Josh Hill, Jeremy “Jerk” Stenberg wear. Made on the guarantee to make riding fun, nonstop, the 2015 Shift MX equip line will take your riding to the following level. Having a fabulous time and keeping it genuine is the thing that it is about. Regardless of what sort of riding you do, from dashing each end of the week to hitting the trails, the 2015 Shift MX equip line is prepared to keep you sheltered and smart while on your bicycle. BTO Sports offers ‘equip combos’ to influence your shopping to encounter less demanding and with simple. This implies less time shopping and additional time out riding your bicycle!