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Barn Pros Competing, LLC has actually revealed a collaboration with Yamaha manufacturing facility racing for the 2015 season. The team, based from Washington, will certainly contest the 250SX West Region, according to a recent news release. According to the launch, the group has actually acquired thirty acres in Temecula, California, to develop a race store, track, and living quarters. The project is anticipated to be finished in 2016. The group has actually additionally bought a fifty-three-foot transporter.

“We will certainly be the new arrivals in 2015 and also we are thrilled to get our feet wet however we make certain with the help of Yamaha et cetera of our excellent sponsors this year will be far better compared to prepared for,” stated Steve Oslund, Proprietor of Barn Pros Competing. The team revealed they have actually authorized Conner Elliott, Ryder Steffy, as well as Chris Howell for following year.