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Axell Hodges Out For XGames

Axell Hodges Out for XGames

We were stirred to perceive what Axell could achieve at XGames this year after his second place complete in QP Big Air at the Monster Energy Cup. Axell Hodges was planning to go for gold in the 2017 XGames Best Whip, Quarter Pipe Big Air and Step Up challenge, yet those expectations have disseminated immediately and inexplicably.

Amid a training sesh at Pala Raceway, Axell could make sense of another system that enabled him to raise the stakes for the Step-Up challenge. Tragically, he took a really dreadful digger and broke his wrist. Axell went under the blade to get a plate put in and is required to make a brisk recuperation. We are mooched he won’t contend at XGames, yet we are fed to hear that he is alright! Demonstrate to him some affection on Instagram @axellhodges.

Axell Hodges Wrist

– Nick B.